While trying out new, top-rated skincare products is one of life’s purest joys, jumping into an adjusted regimen face-first can be tricky. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, introducing new products without taking certain precautions can leave you with unwanted bumps, blemishes, and irritation. Read up on seven face-saving tips from celebrity skin specialist Renée Rouleau — the skincare guru behind Demi Lovato‘s flawless face — to pamper your skin with new products sans breakout.

Step 1

1. Find your guru or trusted line. Lovato turns to Rouleau, her preferred skincare expert, for questions, tips, and skincare advice in between appointments. If you don’t have a go-to esthetician, take note of which skincare lines your skin responds to well and follow their application tips to a tee. (*cough, cough* First Aid Beauty). (Photo via Renee Rouleau)

step 2

2. Find out your skin type — if you don’t already know it, take the test! Knowing whether your skin type is dry, combination, oily, or sensitive will give you clues about *which* skin reactions to look out for, and *where* on your face to expect them. Finding out the difference between a skin irritation and a skin allergy will also help you determine how to proceed. (Photo via Renee Rouleau)

step 3

3. Know your products. Search for skincare lines that specialize in treating your specific skin type or condition, from acne to rosacea, for the most effective treatment. When reading product descriptions, steer clear of buys that promise to cure all woes, and instead turn to items that focus on targeted treatments. Pay special attention to how a product should be applied as well, since serums, SPFs, and moisturizers — which are designed to be left on not rinsed off — are the most common culprits for triggering temperamental skin. (Photo via Renee Rouleau)

step 4

4. Know your ingredients. Even all-natural, green goddess-approved products can be surprisingly harsh or cause dreaded allergic reactions. Studying up on the most common skin irritants in your skincare products is a great way to be cautious. Rouleau shared with Byrdie that synthetic fragrances top the list of problematic ingredients. (Photo via House of Glitter DK)

step 5

5. Patch-testing — what is it? In order to take your products for a test drive, patch test them first on a small area of your face to minimize the risk of a full-blown breakout. If you’re prone to blemishes or clogged pores, Rouleau recommends using the cheek or chin area for their quick reaction time. (Photo via Kymbob)

step 6

6. Pace yourself. It takes patience to test skincare products safely, which can be the hardest part. Take your time and go slowly — a 7-10 day trial period is the ultimate goal, according to Rouleau. (Photo via Renee Rouleau)

step 7

7. Enjoy! Even though it can be a hassle, changing up your skincare routine from time to time is worth it. Armed with these tips, you can now test out and try on all the beauty products you desire on your quest for flawless skin. (Photo via Getty)

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