In case you missed it, it’s Ice Cream Week here at Brit + Co. It’s our way of celebrating the last few days of National Ice Cream Month, and getting through sweaty summer heat. Of course, ice cream is delicious, indulgent and refreshing, but that’s not all we love about it. We love the nostalgic imagery of an ice cream cone — we love how timeless, iconic and summery it can be. So, we’ve taken one ice cream cone and turned it into three pieces of home decor, all thanks to Shutterfly!

Instead of simply taking a photograph of an ice cream cone and printing it onto a million different objects, we created a more graphic version of the photo to work with. We created four different color ways that all work together to form a set. Now, let’s see how this all went down :)


First up, wall art! After creating the perfect four colors of our ice cream cone image (thank you, Photoshop!), we ordered a set of four wooden pieces of wall art. That’s right — it’s that easy to get photos or digital designed printed on WOOD. So cool.

As you can see, the ice cream cone was key in bringing our colorful salon wall together.


Next up, we turned simple 5×7-inch prints into a fun and festive tray — ideal for ice cream sandos, of course. Here’s how we did it:


– tray

– photos

– Mod Podge


– sponge brush

– Scotch Double Sided Tape

Add double sided sticky tape to the back of each photo. Once you have your correct placement, stick them to the tray. Cover the tray with a thin layer of Mod Podge. This will protect your photos from messy spills!

Mmmm… ice cream…


Lastly, we ordered a set of coasters with, you guessed it, four different colored ice cream cone prints!

Now, if only we had an ice cream float… ;)

Have you ever turned your photos or digital designs into objects? Did you use Shutterfly to do it? Talk to us over on Facebook or Twitter and tell us about your experience.

This post is a collaboration with Shutterfly.