Lots of things get animated, from drawings to movies to logos. But architecture? That鈥檚 new! Graphic designer Matteo Muci has broken down some of the most iconic architectural masterpieces into simple shapes and lines, and used animation to put them together in a video.

Muci鈥檚 video is titled 鈥淚conic Houses,鈥 and it shows off five of the 20th century鈥檚 most famous modern homes. From Falling Water to Ville Savoye, he created the video as a way to combine his love for both architecture and illustration.

He first made the images using Adobe Illustrator, and then animated them using Adobe Flash. By incorporating bright and bold colors into the images as well, we鈥檙e left with an eye-catching peek inside the geometry of these incredible buildings that is soo cool.

Want to see more? Check out the 鈥淚conic Houses鈥 video for yourself. If you鈥檙e a big architecture buff, you can even guess which one is being created before it鈥檚 done!

Could you guess the architects鈥 work? What鈥檚 your take on this animated film of architectural masterpieces? Are you ready to create one, too? :) Let us know in the comments below or Tweet us @BritandCo.

(h/t Dezeen)