Remember when you were little and your neighbor Eric had that treehouse with the rope ladder? Yeah, that was cool, and you still talk about it with your parents and swear to your dad that you are NOT bitter that he didn’t build one for you. That’s because, even as adults, there’s something so magical about a treehouse. The grown-up crew are flocking to amazing treehouse hotels, inventing treehouse elevators and just oohing and awing over this — the 10 coolest homes in the treetops.

1. Enchanted Treehouse: You’re never going to guess where this treehouse is located. Guess! Guess! It’s in a backyard in Atlanta. The enchanting house consists of three separate little houses, which the architect/owner named “mind,” “body” and “spirit.” They’re all strung together by swinging bridges. Swoon! (via The Owner Builder Network)

2. Alnwick Garden Treehouse: Located in the UK’s Alnwick Garden, this is Europe’s largest treehouse as well as one of the most unique. There’s a restaurant inside with trees that grow through the room and out the ceiling! (via Bald Hiker)

3. Beautiful Treehouse: Multilayered and functional, we love the hanging lights, dining table and hammock. Check out more photos to see inside! (via The Owner Builder Network)

4. Resort Spa Treehouse, Bali: So dreamy! This suspended abode is a haven for massages, drinking tea and relaxing. (via Next Trip Tourism)

5. Hara Village Treehouse: Here we have a self-sustaining home resting in the trees of an organic farm in Japan — NBD. (via Tree House Love)

6. Bravo Farms, CA Treehouse: The seven-story treehouse reminiscent of a gingerbread house is open to the public and a must-make pitstop on your next California road trip. (via A Lady and Her Loves)

7. Chongqing, China Treehouse: You guys. It’s a bunch of little treehouses built on top of one another! They’re like little birdhouses, and we’re assuming everyone wants to nest in there. (via Tree House Love)

8. Treehouse Point: You, yes YOU!, can sleep in this amazing bed and breakfast located in Washington and owned by the tree-passionate Pete Nelson of Treehouse Masters. There are six houses to choose from and the B+B has hosted quite a few weddings as well… just sayin’. (via Treehouse Point)

9. Burlingame, CA Treehouse: This exists — an eclectic guest house available on Airbnb that was built to fit the shape of the tree without putting any actual bolts into the 100 year old tree. One photo doesn’t do it justice, check out more here! (via Houzz)

10. Mini Mansion Treehouse: This house keeps the traditional look of a home complete with a wrap around porch! Anyone else craving some lemonade or sweet tea right about now? (via Cool Things)

Know of any other must-see trehouses? Let us know below!