Yes, that title is a real thing. Dubbed “GIF-iti,” these hand-painted GIFs will blow you away. Created by British street artist Insa, these murals are painstakingly planned out and hand painted over the course of several days to result in a GIF like the one you see below.

Each mural is painted and photographed in sequence to create up to 8 individual layers, just like you’d create an animated GIF in Photoshop. Layers in real life — for real ;) There are no secret digital tricks here. Insa actually paints each layer, photographs it at the same time of day and then layers it together to create a stop-motion animation.

The colorful skulls and hearts you see above are the subject of his latest work, painted on a billboard in Paris along the River Seine and titled C’est La Vie.

Pretty impressive, eh? We particularly love the weathered DisneyLand yellow poncho he is donning while painting each layer. Now, we just need someone to capture a time-lapse of Insa’s process!

We can’t wait to see what Insa’s next piece is like — they seem to be getting more and more colorful, which we are totally on board with. See more of his GIF-iti pieces by visiting Insaland.

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