If you spend any length of time at all on the computer, chances are you copy and paste things on occasion. If you’re anything like us, you do it all. The. Time. But copying and pasting one thing at a time gets tedious super quickly. That’s what Wirelessheads, the masterminds behind a fancy app called Paste, aimed to fix.


Paste makes sure you don’t have to worry about losing something you forgot to paste, because you can extend your clipboard capacity to unlimited. The app also automagically recognizes and categorizes everything from text and images to links and files. And it’s not restricted to your browser — you can use it in any application. You can even tell it to leave out applications that store sensitive information, and not copy info like credit card numbers and passwords.


Pinboards aren’t just for Pinterest anymore. You can “pin” your favorite snippets to Pinboards to save the things that are most important to you. For example, you could have things like hexadecimal codes for your favorite colors, code snippets or even important links you don’t want to forget (especially good if you use more than one browser, since bookmarks don’t transfer automatically). Using Paste is as simple as using the standard Command-C + Command-V (for the most recently copied item), or you can set up your own shortcuts. The default to pull up your new extended clipboard is Shift-Command-V. Need a quick look? You can get that too. Just right-click on a snippet and select “quick look.”


Since your clipboard is now unlimited, you’d think you’d have a hard time finding your stuff, right? Wrong. Your clipboard is fully searchable. Paste will search the body of each snippet, as well as where you pasted it from (e.g., Safari), and the title of the snippet, which you can edit. If you are so inclined, you can also share your clipboard history.


You can download Paste from the Mac App Store, and it’s coming to iOS soon! It’ll set you back $10, but it’s well worth it.

DL It: $10 on App Store

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