We’re all about keeping tradition alive. As the holidays approach, we think it’s important to draw attention to the things that stick and that we repeat over and over. Our favorite tradition? Our weekly app round-up of the five things you missed in the app store. This week, we’ve got apps that will help you pack a healthier lunch or even book a trip out of town. Scroll through and let us know which apps you’ll be downloading. And rest assured: We will be keeping this tradition alive every single Saturday. See you next week.

1. Airbnb: Once you’ve Airbnb-ed, you never look back. Now the homesharing service wants to be your source for every part of travel. After you’ve booked your Airbnb, the new app will recommend things to do from local experts and help you plan an itinerary. Booking and planning that weekend getaway just got waaaay easier.


DL It: Free on iOS and Android

2. PhotoScan: Google just solved one of our most frustrating problems. When you’re making a big life change (applying for a new job, getting a new apartment), there is inevitable paperwork. And that paperwork will probably need to be filled out, scanned and sent back via email. But who TF has a scanner? You do now! On your phone! Thanks, Google!


DL It: Free on iOS and Android

3. Get Prepd: Go back to school and learn how to pack a proper lunch. This app will help you prepare for the week ahead and give you a full, balanced week of recipes to keep your stomach happy and healthy. Plus, if you have any dietary restrictions, the app will take that into account and give you recipes that work around it.


DL It: Free on iOS and Android

4. Truffle: No one knows what you like more than your friends. Now you can get restaurant recommendations from them direct on this app. Just make sure that all of your foodie friends sign up so you know exactly the best places in town.


DL It: Free on iOS

5. Pie: Beat all of your friends to the 360-degrees game. This new app will let you make super cool panoramic videos and capture any immersive experience. It’s going to give everybody else FOMO.


DL It: Free on iOS

Which was your favorite app this week? Let us know @BritandCo!