We were devastated — dev-a-sta-ted — when we found out that Ikea is discontinuing their Expedit shelving. Those simple squares have been the building blocks of our journey into furniture-owning and adulthood in general. I mean, if these Expedits could talk… And while we’ve upgraded some of the items in our apartments and houses to be a little more age-appropriate (hello, real-bed-and-frame, what took ya so long?), we thought we’d always find a way to work Expedit in to make them our true home.

Until now.

BUT, we have some good news. Ikea is not totally killing off Expedit, they’re actually updating and improving it. It will return to Ikea stores in April with a new design that is extra durable thanks to a more scratch-resistant surface (we were always positioning it post-move so dings were least visible), child-friendlier with rounded corners (see, other adults use Expedit too!) and a new name, Kallax. The shelving is all the same size so any storage boxes you have will still fit. If you’re skeptical, we have a look at the two below.

Expedit we know and love:

Now here’s the New Expedit (KALLAX, WE WILL CALL YOU BY YOUR NAME WHEN WE’RE GOOD AND READY, K?) we will come to know and learn to love:

See? Stay calm and allen wrench on, Kallax will be in Ikea stores starting in April.

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