For many of us, 2017 was a doozy, but we here at Brit + Co are ready to hit refresh in 2018! Follow our聽Hit Refresh聽series through January for new ideas, hacks, and skills that will help you achieve (and maintain!) those New Year鈥檚 resolutions.

You know how the saying goes: 鈥淣ew year, new you,鈥and your home is no exception. Whether it鈥檚 time to refresh your overcrowded vanity (makeup addicts, we鈥檙e looking at you) or you鈥檙e searching聽for new storage space for your heaps of designer shoes, as always,聽IKEA hacks are here to save the day. Seriously, what鈥檚 better than furniture that doesn鈥檛 break the bank? From living walls that鈥檒l breathe life into your living room to聽bedside tables聽that will give your boudoir that extra trendy touch, IKEA DIYs help you achieve the bedroom of your design-junkie dreams. Say so long to your tired old bedroom and storage spaces that are less than ideal, and hello to a new, chicer way of living, with these IKEA hacks that will reorganize your life in a snap.

1. DIY聽IKEA Desk Hack:聽This super stylish (and sturdy) desk is the creative blending of many different IKEA parts. You can even customize the table legs and drawers! (via Lovely Indeed)

2. DIY IKEA Hack Floating Shelves Color Block:聽If you love floating shelves and want to try a variation on white, then you鈥檒l love this simple hack that shows just a little contact paper goes a long way. (via A Bubbly Life)

3. DIY Geometric Pinboards:聽Sure, you use your phone to keep track of important dates and meetings, but there鈥檚 really nothing quite like a paper to-do list. And why not pin it to something eye-catching like this colorful (and easy to make) geometric pinboard!? (via Enthralling Gumption)

4. DIY IKEA Ribbon Organizer Hack:聽Ribbons stay organized with this handy and smart hack that鈥檒l keep the knots away and let you flawlessly get your gift wrap on. (via Heathered Nest)

5. DIY IKEA Aneboda Wardrobe Hack:聽Turn a classic IKEA piece of furniture into a farmhouse-inspired wardrobe. Hang your threads in style and then add some rustic wicker baskets for extra organization and storage. (via Angela Marie Made)


6. DIY Wall Planter: It鈥檚 a fact: Plants liven up any space. From adding a fresh pop of color to simply brightening your mood, this living wall/art board is the perfect way to revamp almost any room in your home. (via Lana Red Studio)


7. Drawer Wall: Whether you鈥檙e still hoarding a crazy amount of CDs (脿 la Lane Kim) or you鈥檙e a bona fide queen of crafts (and all the supplies that come with it), this larger-than-life storage system made from wooden IKEA CD drawers is a life-saver. Just be sure to label each drawer to save you a world of time. (via Design Sponge)


8. IKEA Mail Rack: It鈥檚 mail time! This year, avoid eyesores on your console table by setting mail cubbies in place. This system is ideal for separating magazines, bills, and all the lovely little invites you鈥檙e sure to get throughout the year.聽(via IKEA)


9.聽DIY Hanging Beauty Organizer: Finally, it鈥檚 time for a vanity counter that鈥檚 not crowded with supplies. Stylishly store your beauty tools with a hanging organizer聽that鈥檚 just too easy to set up. (via Glamour)


10. Floating Shelves: It鈥檚 never too early to start getting your kiddies organized. Keep your child鈥檚 room in tip-top shape with IKEA鈥檚 photo ledges, which are great for keeping your little one鈥檚 books in order. (via Daffodil Design)


11. Drawer Dividers: Gone are the days of rustling around your drawers on the hunt for that missing top. Make sure you鈥檒l always find garments at the drop of a hat with these simple box dividers. (via Life Flix)


12. DIY Mudroom Benches: We鈥檝e all got that chair聽that never ceases to generate piles of coats. This year, instead of throwing your jackets on a measly old chair, hang 鈥檈m up nicely with this super sweet coat station. (via The Mombot)


13. DIY Framed Corkboard:聽Your future looks bright! Whether you鈥檙e creating a vision board for 2018 or simply looking for a pretty way to put your reminders on display, this IKEA cork placemat hack聽is sure to add a beautiful statement to your design-hungry living space.聽(via Infarrantly Creative)


14.聽Laundry Cart:聽Even your detergents聽can use聽some reorganization. Turn your tiresome daily chores into a total breeze with this super handy cart that can be hidden next to the washing machine and wheeled out on laundry day. (via Better Homes and Gardens)


15. DIY IKEA Job Charts: Chores are an important part of your family鈥檚 routine. Help your little ones stay on top of their schedule with a chore chart to track their newfound responsibilities. (via Crafting Chicks)


16. Snack Drawer Containers:聽Could your snack drawer be any聽more enticing? Apparently it can, with these compartmentalizing storage聽boxes. Drop the cardboard packaging聽and turn your snacks into a visual treat with containers聽that show off all their tasty glory. (via People)


17. DIY Storage/Platform Bed: Bed frames that function as purely decor are SO overrated. Transform your sleeping聽setup into the ultimate storage space with this easy-to-build platform frame, made from IKEA kitchen cabinets and doors. This storage system is great for small living spaces! (via Oh Yes)


18. DIY Bathroom Storage: Live every day like you鈥檙e on vacation. Bring those beach house vibes to your bathroom聽by adding understated nautical accents to an IKEA nightstand. (via Redbook Magazine)


19. DIY IKEA Mandal Headboard Hack: Bookworms, rejoice! This headboard is perfect for your cozy reading addiction. Snuggle up nightly with your fave reads under聽a headboard that doubles as a bookshelf. (via Apartment Therapy)


20. DIY IKEA SKURAR Plant Pots As Makeup Brush Holders: Put your makeup love on display with a brush holder that flaunts every beautiful tool聽in your collection. We鈥檇 take a bouquet of brushes over a potted plant any day! (via Makeup Savvy)


21. DIY Multiple Inboxes: Many freelancers will agree that working from home is no easy feat, especially when balancing a ridiculous amount of work. Convert your messy desk into a model of *perf* organization with a filing system that鈥檒l keep you on track for the busy year ahead. (via The Decor Fix)


22. IKEA VARIERA Hack: Looking for a fun way to stash all those pesky but oh-so-necessary cleaning supplies? Bring order to your chaotic cleaning closet by adding these聽crisp caddies.聽(via IKEA)


23. DIY Nail Polish Rack: You鈥檙e all about rocking those flawless nails 24/7. Keep your vast amounts of nail polish under control with gorgeous racks that鈥檒l give聽your nail station that salon-worthy status. (via This Mom鈥檚 Gonna Snap)


24. DIY IKEA RIBBA Hack: Minimalism is your new mantra. Keep only the essentials by your bedside with this super sleek, floating nightstand. (via Coulda Woulda Pica)

Car organizer

25. DIY Car Organizer: Your car is a sacred space, so it鈥檚 definitely important to keep it that way (or at least try to). Lend your tiny聽passengers a hand when it comes to keeping the car clean by using聽a remote control caddy聽for storing everything that keeps the little ones happy on long rides. (via IKEA Hackers)

26. DIY IKEA Hack Floating Credenza:聽 A floating sideboard is as good as it gets when you鈥檙e working with a small floor plan. The piece takes on a custom,聽high-end聽vibe with some natural wood elements. (via聽Sugar & Cloth)

27. IKEA BEKVAM Bedside Shelf Hack:聽Bedrooms just keep getting smaller and聽smaller, which means a lot less space for a side table. Hacking the BEKVAM spice rack is a genius use of the materials, but with an entirely different purpose. (via聽Apartment Therapy)

28. IKEA BEKVAM Stool Mini Garden:聽Organization is sometimes as simple as corralling items together in a neat collection. The stool lets you do just that without sacrificing on space. Place it near a window so your plants can bask in the light. (via聽Kati on Clouds)

29. Painted IKEA Basket:聽You may only be painting this basket, but it makes a world of difference when you鈥檙e trying to add some color. With the ability to create custom patterns with the paint, you鈥檝e got a unique piece on hand. (via聽Tell Love and Party)

30. Hanging IKEA Frosta Shelving Hack:聽Did you ever think that the FROSTA stool could be a floating shelf system? For the cost of some extra seating and rope, you can make a stand-out piece that no one else is likely to have. (via聽VTWonen)

31. IKEA SIGNE Rug Basket:聽The SIGNE rug makes for a durable and stylish basket in your living room or bedroom. The fringe also聽adds natural tassels while you鈥檙e at it. (via聽Kreativk)

32. IKEA Plant Drawers:聽While you鈥檙e not organizing your books or聽knickknacks, you are creating an efficient and super fun聽home for your plants. Just make sure you waterproof them well!聽(via聽DIY in PDX)

33. IKEA Cabinet Dresser Hack:聽Sure, IKEA sells dressers, but by combining cabinets with custom legs and a marble top, you can design a piece that fits your exact needs without breaking the bank. (via聽Design聽Love fest)

34. IKEA EKBY LERBERG Closet Hack:聽YES! A聽space-saving聽closet hack for those of you with too many clothes for the tiny space you have. Flip some shelf brackets upside down and聽voil脿! (via聽IKEA)

35. IKEA TARVA Bookcase Console Hack:聽You probably wouldn鈥檛 have known that this entryway console that doubles as a bookshelf started as a dresser. It鈥檚 amazing what a little paint and some聽well-placed聽wood panels can do. (via聽Thistlewood Farms)

36. Colorful IKEA Socker Herb Garden:聽The power of paint is undeniable when it comes to brightening up your indoor garden. Color-code your buckets for easy reference, or just for fun. Whatever you do, make sure they鈥檙e聽colorful! (via聽A Beautiful Mess)

37. IKEA FINTORP Entryway Organizer:聽You really don鈥檛 need to use most pieces for their intended purpose. This knife rack doubles as a slim-profile entryway system with the help of magnets. Get yourself some easy organization with this project. (via聽IKEA)

38. IKEA TARVA Bar Cart:聽A custom bar cart is out of reach for most because of the price tag, but this hack is actually just a side table in disguise. A repurposed top drawer is the secret to versatile storage. (via聽City Farmhouse)

39. IKEA Cork Board Hack:聽Use cork trivets to create a memo聽center in a tight space where a classic board wouldn鈥檛 fit. The painted pops of color are a bonus, but you could also leave them聽au聽natural. (via聽Oh Everything Handmade)

40. IKEA RAST Secretary Desk Hack:聽When you鈥檙e in a small space, carving out an office area isn鈥檛 always easy. A converted dresser with faux cabinet聽fronts makes an ideal desk that can be easily hidden away when you鈥檙e not using it. (via聽In My Own Style)

41. IKEA FROSTA X,Y聽& Z Wall Tree Hack:聽A true piece of wall art adds great depth and dimension. This hacked wall tree is made聽for聽narrow hallways that need storage and organization. (via聽Coroflot)

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(Additional reporting by Ariel Garneau)