We鈥檝e all been guilty at some point or another of this scenario: You鈥檙e sitting at the dinner table with friends, family or your S.O. and your phone is blowing up with notifications from Facebook, Instagram or maybe that new Microsoft messaging app Send. Curiosity gets the best of you and you take a peek. Before you know it, you鈥檙e spending more time with your phone than with your friends. Or even worse, you spend hours (okay, maybe just聽30 minutes, but it鈥檚 the thought that counts!) slaving over a beautiful dinner spread and when you sit down to eat, someone is glued to their phone.

Well, IKEA wants to stop the聽rudeness. SITTNING, their latest collection of dinnerware, glasses, tablecloths and more that鈥檚 launching in September 2015, includes a dinner placemat that has one very special feature.


That鈥檚 right. It鈥檚 a pocket just for your cell phone! At first glance, keeping your phone in a pocket on the table as you eat might seem more disruptive, but not if you really think about it. If it鈥檚 in the pocket on the table, that means it鈥檚 not in the聽pocket of your pants, which means you won鈥檛 be feeling every tiny vibration from every dang notification. But if you need to use your phone for an emergency (i.e., your latest swipe right texting you), then you鈥檝e got easy access.


We all know it鈥檚 super rude to聽be on your phone throughout a meal, so unless you want your phone confiscated by Kourtney Kardashian, put it away! And who knows? You might actually the enjoy the company of your family and friends sans technology.

What do you think of IKEA鈥檚 new placemat idea? Tell us in the comments below!

(Photos via IKEA)