Sometimes, the best solutions are the most simple. At least, that seems to be what IKEA is trying to tell the world (and us, specifically) every time we move apartments. Well, their simplistic mission continues to be accomplished with their latest ad, a genius commercial that spoofs Apple and every other subsequent tech product video to promote their latest innovation… the catalogue.

If you’re looking for a simple, intuitive device that answers all your questions about home design, but NEVER needs to be plugged in, look no further than IKEA’s BookBook. BookBook is, you guessed it, just a regular old IKEA catalogue.

In the video (watch below!) an executive stands against a white background. He asks if there is a simple, innovative solution to your problems. Cue the inspiring music and the slow display of the new technology that will change the world. Spoiler alert, it’s an IKEA catalogue presented as if it was the next iPad or tablet. The best part of the video is the rundown of BookBook’s features: no cables, it comes fully charged with eternal battery life, it has a 7-inch interface you navigate through “tactile touch technology you can actually feel” and “pre-installed” content.

IKEA + Apple = A few of our favorite things. Throw ’em together in a tongue-in-cheek video and we’re good. Now excuse us while we try to scheme up ways that they could *actually* work together…

Did you find this spoof as hilarious as we did? Let us know below!