IKEA’s latest line has some of their #1 customers in mind: young, city folks on the move who care about design but not necessarily spending a lot on it. You know, IKEA shoppers!

Every piece in the IKEA PS 2014 collection was designed so that it could move easily. And often — whether from studio to one bedroom, from room-to-room… or roommate-to-roommate. Come on, doesn’t this look like your apartment of past [or present]?

The collection will include everything from seating to bedding, plant stands to storage units. It launches in IKEA stores in the US in April, but here’s a look at some of the pieces in the line now!

Looks like the IKEA we know and love, but even a little more fun. You know we would have to go for the colorful stacker on the right.

IKEA + Pops of Color = This Collection/Our Dreams. You needed a replacement for the Knappa anyway.

Furniture made to fit into corners? So convenient for smaller spaces!

A side table with built-in lighting is genius.

The slim, fold-up desk makes Mission: Home Workspace… possible.

Those plant stands are begging for a DIY and we would gladly give it to them. We might even get creative with what we would place on each pedestal!

A light that takes care of wall art for us is a light we like.

It’s like a little terrarium house! We could think of approximately 25 projects for this. Stay tuned.

The ladder shelves could serve a different function in every room or corner of your apartment. Oo and that colorful cage wardrobe has potential to store anything and everything. We would hang scarves, belts and jewelry in the holes too.

The range of looks in this line means there is something for everything, whether you’re looking for a clean, cool piece (left) or a pretty breath of fresh air (right — how precious are those planters?!)!

What do you think of IKEA’s latest line?! What is your favorite piece from the PS 2014 collection?