We adore Ikea hacks but now Ikea has a hack of its own. The Russian division of the Swedish company is upping the online sales game by presenting their catalog all on Instagram. Companies have been using social media to sell stuff ever since bad boyfriends were using the platforms to break up with their unsuspecting girlfriends, but Ikea Russia is using Instagram in a whole new way.

As long as you can find @ikea_ps_2014 on Instagram, you can browse the exclusive collection that comes out just once a year. The 34-piece collection (we profiled it here!) is broken into six initial photos on the pic-sharing platform. Click through the image and you’ll find individual pieces that each have personal Instagram accounts.

Shoppers can browse the Insta-catalog to get inspired, read product details and check prices. The major drawback is that without outbound links, users can’t actually buy these super exciting products straight from their Instagram feed. And after checking out the swoon-worthy lighting and smart storage, people will definitely want to.

We can’t wait to see what other companies jump on this smart bandwagon. Giving each products its own profile page makes it really simple for users to purchase it, take their own photos of it and share them with the world on one of the most popular photo sharing tools out there. And of course, they presented the new hack with this super fun vid:

What’s your favorite Ikea product? Which companies do you hope will follow this trend and annex Instagram for online catalogs? Let us know in the comments!

(h/t Core 77)