Just when you thought IKEA was solely for modern decor-loving urban dwellers, they completely surprise us. We’re talking about the latest IKEA Russia ad campaign, which showcases the versatility of their ultra affordable furniture in some pretty inspiring ways.

Illustrated by the talented London-based artist, Rod Hunt, these graphic drawings show off 10 unique families in their crazy colorful homes. But that’s not the only awesome part of this fun collaboration — there’s also an interactive site, an editorial photo shoot and a book that go along with the illustrations. This is some serious creativity, people.

The intricate and colorful illustrations (which remind us of a mash-up of “Where’s Waldo” + The Sims) and the totally quirky corresponding photographs were compiled into a book. Each of the 10 families has their own detailed story, including how the IKEA furniture plays into their daily routines. It kind of makes us want to redecorate.

Now that we’ve convinced you that the IKEA catalog should be your next coffee table book, let’s talk about the interactive website component for a sec. The site allows you to view each family room in two different ways. See it as a family portrait or as a view of the room, minus the family members. The latter allows you to click on the different IKEA pieces for details on what they are (with links to buy ‘em, of course).

One unique aspect is the difference between all of the families. Who would’ve thought vampires, cake-bakers and zoologists could shop at the same home decor store? And as if you need another reason to be obsessed with this particular campaign, did you catch the use of folding chairs as wall art in the party scene?! Come on!

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(h/t: DesignBoom)