You guys may already know that I’ve been doing the #GiveItAWeek challenge on Instagram. If not, it’s essentially my IRL attempt at completing 52 weekly resolutions throughout the year. So much easier than one big, meaty resolution, right? ;)

While I still have many to go (fingers crossed for me!), below is a quick recap of everything I’ve done to date. With that said, don’t forget to continue following along with me here or over @brit, as I tackle everything from cake decorating to a new ‘do that may just surprise you ;)

week 1: no makeup

I kicked off the week a bit unsure — I don’t remember the last time I went this long without some form of makeup on! Despite tackling some scary, bare-faced meetings during the week, I gained confidence as the days went on. Turns out, it’s WAY easier to get ready in the morning and it made me appreciate all the little imperfections I had (like the freckles on my face). You guys, I can safely say I will probably rarely put on the same amount of makeup on that I used to, and I now have a deeper respect for my skin and all the forms it can take on.


WEEK 2: same shirt

Okay, I may have saved time getting ready (and also cut back on packing space when I traveled), however, I was SO bored wearing the same thing every. single. day. Even after accessorizing, it was hard to deal with the lack of creativity in my wardrobe. While I have a profound respect for Steve Jobs, the same (mint) turtleneck every day just ain’t for me!


WEEK 3: no social media

Guys, I’m not going to lie, this one was TOUGH (at first) since I’m so used to filling my down time with my phone. Yet, by Day 3, things got easier. I replaced my free minutes with reading the news, being 100 percent present with my kids, getting creative, and even developing a human relationship with my Lyft driver (imagine that!). While I missed the connectedness that came with being on social media, my opinion is not that I should permanently delete my accounts, but that I should try to keep my time spent on social media under 30 minutes a day.


WEEK 4: learn to sing!

To be honest, I used to think my only singing talent was a Britney Spears impersonation (it’s been a go-to party trick since age 16). However, after this week, I conquered some insecurities and found a bit more confidence in my voice after singing to you all. Most importantly, I realized that singing is FUN, which means that there may be some real lessons in my future. PS: Use the Vanido app if you want to take a quick singing lesson yourself. Good luck!

Give It a Week Learn to Sing

WEEK 5: Keto Diet

Despite experiencing a rough “keto flu” to start, there were a couple things I learned. First, the diet didn’t leave me feeling hungry, and eating so much fat/protein (I took tips from these keto recipes) made me feel satiated every hour of the day. Which leads me to my next finding — I lost weight! It wasn’t my primary goal, but I lost 4.5 lbs in seven days (not too shabby, eh?). Lastly, a lot of people say keto gave them mental clarity and I def didn’t witness this in my weeklong trial. Therefore, I’m going to take advice from you guys and keep going with this for a week longer!

Keto Diet

WEEK 6: Paint Every day

Overall, I loved the relaxation that came with painting every day and I found myself getting more comfortable with my skills as the week went on. To keep things short and sweet, I rank this #GiveItAWeek challenge with four out of five paintbrushes. (Psst: Check out our awesome watercolor classes to give it a try!)

Give It a Week Painting

WEEK 7: 5am Wake-ups

If we’re being honest, I loved the uninterrupted time I got in the morning. Yet, I learned that my lifestyle just doesn’t accommodate an early bedtime (I was going to bed at 9 or 10pm). I TOTALLY think I could become a 6am person since that extra time would be hugely valuable. But I guess we will decide on that later (after I go take a nap!).

5am Wakeup

WEEK 8: Pattern Clash

I’m definitely NOT as trendy as I’d like to be and always feel a little insecure taking fashion risks. So pattern clashing was very uncomfortable for me to start. But by Day 5, I finally started to get the hang of it. And yes, I wore bright yellow + bright purple animal print that day! I loved all the compliments for being so brave, and I stopped caring what people thought (especially men, they just don’t get it!). I found freedom in my own self-expression and I learned a lot from my girl Anjelika Temple, who I can’t stop admiring for doing this on a daily basis. Talk about some serious fashion #goals!

Give It a Week Pattern Clash

WEEK 9: be Funny

Stanford just so happened to be hosting a week-long online class all about “using humor in business” so obviously I signed up immediately! A lot of this week was learning about why humor is important, but I also learned how to reframe my stories and tone to be funnier, especially in a business context. How can I sign off on my emails with more personality? Can my LinkedIn profile be funnier? Humor is a much better way to connect with people, and business is all about connections and networking. Not to mention, laughing creates oxytocin, which makes people feel more connected. Couldn’t we all use a little more of that right now?

9. Give It A Week- Humor

WEEK 10: Lettering

This week, I learned a few key creative things. First, mastering brush lettering and calligraphy is 98 percent based on application of pressure. FOR REAL, THAT’S THE BULK OF THE LEARNING! Also, turns out it IS possible to pick up your pen between cursive letters (I’m looking at you, letter “e”). In general, random doodles make scripts look way more polished. And lastly, when in doubt, an iPad is your artistic BFF. (Call it cheating, but the Procreate app made learning the skill SO much easier for me.) I can’t wait to tackle my next project with this new arsenal of artistic tips! PS: If you want to get started with Lettering, you can take some of our intro classes here.

Give it a Week Lettering

WEEK 11: Yoga Every day

For real, this is the BEST workout I’ve ever done. I have been an athlete (mostly a runner and soccer player) all of my life, but never before have I seen my body transform as much with a single activity as it has with yoga. (And for mamas out there, yoga is great for flattening abs and toning arms!) Also, holy cow, is this practice restorative! After doing it, I felt open, calm, and alive, which translated into ALL areas of my life (including my crazy travel schedule). Will I be doing more of this? I say yes! (BTW, I recommend YogaGlo as a great online resource to make your practice easier — and fun!)

Give It a Week Yoga Everday

Have you been following along with the #GiveItAWeek challenge? Share your thoughts or feedback with me @brit!