This Indie Actress Continued the Red Carpet Politics Trend in a Black Lives Matter Jersey
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This Indie Actress Continued the Red Carpet Politics Trend in a Black Lives Matter Jersey

We’ve been seeing an interesting trend as of late with regard to celebrities and the red carpet. While some continue to go the traditional route, using the carpet to make a style splash, more and more have also been opting to use it as a platform to make a political statement.

First it was The Big Bang Theory’s Simon Helberg and wife Jocelyn Town, who used their garb at the SAG Awards as protest of President Trump’s immigration ban, with Helberg carrying a “Refugees Welcome” sign and Towne baring the words “Let Them In” handwritten on her chest.

At the Grammys, it was singer Joy Villa making a splash, strutting down the carpet in a “Make America Great Again” Andre Soriano dress emblazoned with President Trump’s last name at the bottom. The singer has since said she intentionally wore the dress in direct response to the suppression she says she feels as a Trump supporter, an act she told Breitbart “should not be something that is almost illegal in this society.” She went on to tell the outlet via phone interview that she was “tired of the bullying. I was tired of being pushed around so that I couldn’t say my beliefs. And being fearful of losing sales. Losing fans. Losing bookings. Losing contracts and sponsorship.”

Tonight, at the Independent Spirit Awards, it was newcomer Sasha Lane (you might recognize her from her role in American Honey alongside Shia Lebeouf) letting her clothes do the talking in a $75 Mizizi “Black Lives Matter” jersey. The top appears to be a favorite of the actresses, who was spotted wearing it several times over in recent weeks.

Tonight, she’s jazzed it with a matching green blazer skirt set, strappy black heels, and a spiky gold statement necklace, but the message remains loud and clear.

If Lane’s look is any indication of how tomorrow night’s Oscars carpet will go, it looks like our prediction that this year’s awards will mark a turning point will be right on the money.

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