Last weekend, New York City played host to the first ever Indie Beauty Expo. Housed in the Altman Building in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, the Expo drew tons of organic, all-natural and indie beauty brands, consumers and beauty professionals. Everyone flocked together for our joint love of makeup and a natural lifestyle.

Of course, we took the opportunity to poll some of favorite beauty experts for their top product picks. Here鈥檚 a look at some of their must-haves.

Diane Read:聽Founder, Modern Minerals


1. Modern Minerals Love of Attraction Lip Gloss ($24): This delightful lip gloss not only adds shine to your lips, according to Diane, but also boosts invigorating qualities. A collab between Modern Minerals and Lotus Wei, this lipgloss is made with all-natural ingredients + a blend of essential herbal oils that will 鈥渨ake you up.鈥 Diane says, 鈥淚t鈥檚 like aromatherapy for your lips.鈥

Ashley Paintsil:聽Editorial Director,聽Fashion Vest


2. Caudalie Beauty Elixir Spray ($49): Beauty insiders swear by this spray, and it鈥檚 no surprise that it would make an appearance on this list. Editorial Director Ashley Paintsil doesn鈥檛 leave the house without it. 鈥淚 use it after makeup and just throughout the day,鈥 she tells us.

Prawarisa Wasutrasawat:聽Founder + Lead Chemist, Om Skincare

Screenshot 2015-08-31 17.39.09

3. Om Skincare Invisible Finish Primer ($65): The founder of Om Skincare has an impressive resume. Prawarisa is also a PhD in Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Science. 鈥淚 was interested in merging science and skin care. That鈥檚 why I founded Om Skincare,鈥 she says. She intends to transform skin with her simple five-product line. The one she can鈥檛 leave the house without? The tinted Invisible Finish Primer.

Corina McDonnell:聽Co-Founder + Makeup Artist, Flynn & King


4. Flynn & King Revive Oil-Based Cleanser ($45): 鈥淚 have dry skin and get eczema in the colder months,鈥 the makeup artist and Brooklyn-based indie brand Flynn & King co-founder tells us. 鈥淲hen we created this line, I was like, 鈥榃e need to have this.'鈥 And so, the Revive Oil-Based Cleanser was born. It鈥檚 made with homemade castile soap and rosehip seed oil to encourage skin cell turnover,鈥 she says. 鈥淢y skin hasn鈥檛 been the same since.鈥

Summer Dinh-Mansky:聽Co-Founder, Flynn & King


5. Flynn & King Replenish All-Over Dry Oil ($55): 鈥淚 love this stuff. I use it like a moisturizer right after the shower so it sinks right into my skin. I also use a few drops on my hair to smooth flyaways and on my cuticles too,鈥 Summer tells us. Replenish All-Over Dry Oil is made using solar-infused vanilla beans, which is the safest way to infuse oils. Flynn & King lets the beans naturally sit in the sun and infuse for over two months!

Britanie Faith: Beauty Blogger, Beauty by Britanie


6. CV Skinlabs Calming Moisture ($49): 鈥淚 use this every day,鈥 all-natural beauty blogger Britanie Faith tells us. 鈥淐V Skinlabs specializes in sensitive skin. I have super sensitive skin, so I love them.鈥 Calming Moisture is ideal for chronically dry and flushed skin. Use this every AM and PM to combat redness and inflammation.

Violet Mkhitaryan:聽Founder +聽Master Facialist, Violet Skincare


7. Violet Skincare Rose Petal Face Oil ($59): Boston-based facialist Violet Mkhitaryan has been an expert in the skincare field for over 35 years. And the Rose Petal Face Oil from her own line is her absolute favorite product. 鈥淚t鈥檚 infused with jojoba oil and Bulgarian roses,鈥 she tells us, 鈥渁nd smells heavenly. I just use a few drops on the face every day.鈥

Patricia Walker:聽Founder, Board & Batten


8. Tender Loving Repair Set ($72): Board & Batten鈥檚 mantra is 鈥淔arm to Skin,鈥 and its products are truly that 鈥 directly from their Lake County, Florida farm to your beauty bag. 鈥淩ight now, the Restore Like a Girl Balm is my favorite. I use it at night on my face before I sleep,鈥 founder Patricia Walker says. 鈥淪ometimes, I use our needle roller, which stimulates collagen and allows the product to absorb better.鈥

Lisa Chetrit:聽Founder, Kesh Beauty


9. Argan Oil With Rose Essence ($40): Kesh Beauty鈥檚 line of argan oils is 100 percent organic, responsibly sourced from Morocco and cold-pressed to boot. 鈥淚 grew up using Argan Oil, and I just wanted to share what an amazing product it is with the world,鈥 founder Lisa Chetrit says. 鈥淚 love multi-tasking products, and I use the oils on my hair, my face. I love the sheen it gives my legs when I鈥檓 wearing a skirt.鈥

Lauren Doko:聽Communications Director, Innersense

Screenshot 2015-08-31 21.03.18

10. innersense Inner Peace Whipped Creme Texturizer ($18): California-based hair care brand innersense is dedicated to organic, toxin-free products for shiny, healthy hair. Sounds good to us! 鈥淭his unknown gem of our product line is a must-have to add texture, definition and thicken my fine, short curly hair,鈥 Lauren tells us. 鈥淚 use a pea-size amount rubbed together in my hands and gently scrunch into my hair while it is semi-dry.鈥

Will you be trying out any of these products? Tell us in the comments below!