Gardening season has officially begun, and we are all about that jungalow life. Whether you鈥檙e looking to up your indoor plant game or are down to get your hands dirty with your first veggie garden, we鈥檙e here to help you take your #plantlady status to the next level. Happy digging, all!

We get it. Gardening isn鈥檛 always practical 鈥 particularly when you don鈥檛 have the time or space to build a pretty patch. Luckily, Seedsheet, a startup that promotes at-home agriculture, has designed easy-to-use kits for growing garden-to-table goods right in your kitchen. Scroll down to see their unique 鈥減lug and plant鈥 system, and get ready to start workin鈥 your green thumb 鈥 without stepping outside.

Seedsheet鈥檚 system starts with their signature dissolvable pouches. Similar to the look and feel of laundry detergent pods, they come filled with seeds and soil. Yet, unlike your washroom staple, they are packed in a plantable sheet that blends with the soil after a little watering. Once they鈥檝e received their recommended dose of sunshine, you鈥檒l be left with sprouting herbs that are perfect for salads, tacos, and cocktails. Just call it your own personal farmers鈥 market.

The gardening kits are priced between $15-$50 and feature a variety of aromatic options. Stop by their site for cooking inspo, GIY (grow it yourself) tutorials, and live videos. Soon you鈥檒l be whipping up your freshest 鈥 and prettiest 鈥 meals yet!

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(Photos via Seedsheet)