14 Ideas for Throwing a Spring Gardening Party
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14 Ideas for Throwing a Spring Gardening Party

When you have a green thumb, spring weather is your cue to go out there and get your hands in the dirt. Whether you’re itching to add life to your high-rise balcony or revive your vegetable patch, it’s time to throw a party that will bring your spring garden to life. Scroll on for 16 ideas for the ultimate gardening party and get ready to plant it, plant it real good.

1. Garden Party Chalkboard Sign: Welcome your best girls with a chalkboard that sets the tone for the day. You can also use the space to share the signature drink, menu, and party activities. (via The Celebration Society)

2. DIY Seed Packets: Send your gal pals home with seeds to start their own garden. These stunning watercolor packets not only bring style to gardening, but will keep the seeds safe until your pals are ready to put their green thumbs to the test. (via Lindsey Crafter)

3. DIY Butterfly Balloons: These butterfly balloons are so fabulous, even Mariah Carey would approve. Put ’em by your dessert spread or use ’em as props in your garden-inspired photo booth. (via Design Improvised)

4. Winesicles With Edible Flowers: Wine *and* popsicles? Don’t mind if we do! Make one for everyone in your squad so they’ll have something to refresh their palettes after a long day of DIYs and gardening. (via Kendall-Jackson)

5. DIY Clay Garden Markers: Add a handmade touch to your get-together with these beautiful clay markers. If you’re feeling fancy, tie the markers around a cloth napkin with a seed packet to add a little personality to your table setting. (via Julep)

6. DIY Daisy Sun Hat: A sun hat is a must to protect against harmful UV rays while you’re outdoors. Ask your guests to bring a neutral colored one to design before you hit the garden. (via Brit + Co)

7. Rhubarb Basil Cocktail: Bring the taste of the garden to the party with this blushing pink drink. If you’re not growing basil in your own indoor garden, pick up fresh herbs from your local farmers’ market for this tart yet refreshing cocktail. (via Kitchn)

8. Printable Garden Party Straws: Looking for an innovative way to add a little glam to your favorite spring cocktail? Craft a few adorable floral straws to dress up your dranks and you’ll soon be sipping in style. (via Evermine Occasions)

9. DIY Garden Decorations: Celebrate the warm weather by bringing a pop of color to your garden, patio, or terrace. All you need is bright fabric, baker’s twine, and straws! (via Monmo and Co)

10. Tropical Fruit Pizza: Skip the marinara and cheese and opt for this delightfully healthy tropical fruit pizza instead. Top your pie with seasonal options and edible flowers to make this ‘grammable take on the traditional pizza really pop! (via Wife Mama Foodie)

11. DIY Alice in Wonderland Croquet Set: Bring on the whimsy with this Alice in Wonderland-inspired croquet set. (via The Home Depot)

12. DIY Flower Crown: Who needs Snapchat anyways? Make this chic party accessory beforehand and gift them to your girls when they arrive. They’ll be posting #nofilter photos all night. (via Roots Canada)

13. Flower Garden Inspired Cupcakes: Pick up faux flowers from your local craft store, whip up your signature chocolate icing, and add toffee bits for texture to recreate these floral cakes. (via Kara’s Party Ideas)

14. Printable Spring Veggie Garden 101: If your gal pals don’t have a knack for gardening, help them succeed with this printable that lets them stay on top of their #plantlady game. This graphic can also double as a themed accessory for your kitchen — the possibilities are endless! (via Brit + Co)

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