While older generations depict millennials as lazy and totally unmotivated, there are so MANY studies that prove just the opposite. That’s right: Not only are millennials working longer hours than any previous generation, but we’re also super determined to land our dream careers — even when resources are few and far between.

So it’s no big surprise that while we’re trying to score an awesome job in a not-so-awesome economy, we may fall a tad behind on other skills (or, at least, we’re documenting our #fails more on social media). From learning how to *actually* clean our mattresses to broadening our cooking skills beyond boxed mac ‘n’ cheese, millennials are proudly showcasing their #adulting lessons online. And we freakin’ love it.

“These social outlets are making it very easy to voice our opinions and to talk about these changes with others, whereas other generations didn’t have that mass voice,” says Cristina Vanko, a designer and illustrator. In fact, Vanko fell in love with the #adulting social media craze so much that she decided to use her illustrative talents to showcase all the small ways she feels like an actual grown up.

Thus, @100daysofadulting was born. The IG account offers a hilarious take on all the nuances of the adulting struggle by simply completing the phrase, “You know you’re an adult when…”

Instead of being bitter about aging, Vanko is choosing to celebrate all the little moments that come with getting older. She’s even written a new interactive adulting journal called Adult-ish ($15). Young-ish folks can document all the itty-bitty milestones of growing up — from writing a detailed list of all the times you’ve said “I’m never drinking again” to creating a sketch of your very first piece of furniture.

Vanko’s favorite page in the book? The one that asks you to record the first coffee you enjoyed networking, reuniting with an old friend, meeting a new friend, or on a date. “It’s funny to me how adults are all about ‘grabbing coffee’,” she says. “Now that I’ve been out for many coffees, they’ve taken on so many different meanings!”

Whether you’re on the #adulting journey or simply looking for a cool graduation present for the soon-to-be grown up in your life, we definitely suggest checking out Vanko’s work. As the #girlboss says, “It’s always weird to me when people tell me ‘we’re so old!’ in a negative way. It’s part of life and we’re all moving forward. So let’s make the best of it!”

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(Featured photo via @100daysofadulting)