The stereotype that millennials aren’t hardworking has been pretty hard to shake, but it’s definitely untrue. Even though companies have learned to offer flexibility (no thanks, nine-to-five) to keep millennial employees happy, 75 percent of young workers are still clockin’ some hefty hours every week. There are some parts of the world where millennials are putting in longer hours than others. Check out how the US stacks up on the hourly clock.


A new report finds that nearly three quarters of millennials (ages 18 to 34) work over 40 hours per week, with a quarter of them saying 50 hours or more is par for the course (oof). A stiff 52-hour work week is the average for millennials living in India, according to the ManPowerGroup report, while those in China, Mexico and Singapore work slightly less (but still a heck of a lot), at 48 hours per week. That’s a lot of time to spend at a desk.

Australian and UK millennials stick around just long enough to pass the norm by working 41 hours per week, while those in the US and Brazil walk the middle line at 45 hours a week. For many millennials globally, their career isn’t a one-and-done sitch either, with 26 percent working two or more paid jobs.

Where Do Millennials Work the Longest Hours

It looks like millennials are doing just fine when it comes to their work ethic. However, one reason this generation may be working so hard is because 84 percent anticipate taking a break from their career at some point. Living up to their “me generation” nickname, they plan on taking some time to travel, pursue a passion or raise children.

Now let’s just hope millennials can remember how to relax and unwind when those insane work hours are done and vacay rolls around.

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(h/t Forbes, photos via Statista + Getty)