There are so many hair trends that blow up Instagram: pastel hair, fire hair and opal hair, just to name a few. But it’s really incredible how hair has become one of the newest canvases on which to express yourself, and this cool trend might be one of the best yet. Introducing #rosegoldhair, the perfect complement to summer. With over 20,000 tags already, it’s definitely going to be one to watch. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Berry Pretty: Strawberry blonde or #rosegoldhair? You decide. Either way, this look from a Spanish salon is definitely a sight to behold. Ombre, balayage, mermaid hair — whatever you want to call it, it’s gorgeous. (Photo via @angelescaceres)

2. Half Shaved: This edgy interpretation of rose gold hair will give you all the feels — it’s both daring and totally gorgeous, thanks to Houston-based salon owner Derek Deriso. He used a metallic processing to create this cool look on a fellow hairstylist. (Photo via @derekshane_salon)

3. Dip-Dyed: Topknots and some pretty dip dye on the ends make this rose gold ‘do twice as nice. The stylist, Jessica, is actually still in school, but if this cool style is any indication of her talent, it’s guaranteed she’ll go far. (Photo via @beautybyjessika_)

4. Understated Beauty: The subtleties going on here are pretty brilliant — literally and figuratively — thanks to St. Louis-based stylist Leta Groseclose. It just goes to show that you don’t have to make hair trends extreme for them to work — a little dash of personality goes a long way for your locks. (Photo via @letajosephine)

5. Pop of Purple: This trendy Singapore-based salon points out in their caption that rose gold hair works really well for almost everyone, since the exact colors can be adjusted to your personal skin tone. This image of blogger @leianmeiting is a great one to bring into the salon for inspo. Check out their Facebook page — they also do some pretty rad things with pastel colors! (Photo via @salonvim)

6. Ombre Fade: Makeup artist Lakisha shows here that you don’t have to be a blonde to get your rose gold on — her curls look gorgeous in a soft, pink-y rose gold. There’s an extra layer of ombre going on here too, thanks to her natural color fading into the rosey hue. (Photo via @styledbykishh)

7. Rose Ringlets: This rose gold balayage treatment is a perfect accent to a snappy, girlboss haircut, and the red lip and liquid liner are giving off major Joan from Mad Men vibes, in the most modern way possible. Seriously, girl, your curls are perfection! (Photo via @gabriellearmanini)

8. Brunette Beauty: Once more, rose gold goes to the dark side — and it’s hard not to love the way the trend contrasts with brunette locks. This beautiful head of hair is reminiscent of a My Little Pony, in the best possible way. Shiny, healthy locks are mesmerizing, no? (Photo via @helloxchristie)

9. Mermaid Vibes: You could totally do like this Brit does and go a little more pink — the better to match your manicure! The fiery metallic kind of reminds us of Ariel in The Little Mermaid, which is inspiration enough to go get some rose gold hair did. (Photo via @britlovesbryan)

10. Matchy Matchy: It’s really refreshing to see such girly locks mixed up with cool nose hardware and a pretty lip to boot. If this hair is any indication of this aspiring stylist’s tastes, she’s off to a pretty good start. (Photo via @loose_c)

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