Social media has a powerful hold our lives. With apps like Instagram, we use it to peep into the lives of our fave makers, bloggers and celebs, follow inspiring online movements like #rockthecroptop and connect with our friends around the world. A little while back, we reported that Instagram banned the search term #curvy, and we were all pretty upset about it.

Instagram initially explained that the ban of the word was an effort to curb pornography on the site, and was not meant to disparage body positivity. #Curvy was banned because the use of the term in tagging porn “overrun,” and Instagram has an auto-flagging system for terms that are repeat violators of their no-nudity rule. Users pointed out several terms that are far more explicit but not banned and hit back using the hashtags #bringcurvyback and #curvee, as well as posting images protesting the ban.

Well, the people spoke and the social media network listened. Washington Post confirmed today that Instagram is bringing #curvy back. Hooray! The company said they had no intention to “stifle the positive messages” centered around the word, and will be “more thoughtful” going forward.


And indeed, #curvy is once again searchable on Instagram. Perhaps #freethenipple is next?

What do you think of Instagram unblocking the search term #curvy? Tell us in the comments below!

(h/t Washington Post, photos via Justin Sullivan/Getty)