Braids are having a moment since, well, always. We’ve covered braid hacks, mermaid braids, rope braids, braids in braids, braided updos, unconventional braid accessories and so many more pretty plaits before, but this time, we’re delving into some super intricate, complex braids. Buddy up, ladies. You’re probably going to need another set of hands to get these 14 gorgeous hairstyles onto your head.


1. Knotted Updo: Classy, sleek and modern aren’t always the words used to describe braids, but that’s exactly what this style is. (Photo via Michael Buckner/Getty)


2. Multi-Strand Braid: Box braids are so cool. They take a little skill to master, but they definitely impress. (via Zabalza)


3. Zig Zag Updo: This look is so much fun —smaller braids knotted into a bold updo. Braided updos can often look overly youthful, but this spiral braided mop makes it very grown up. (photo via Angeal Weiss/Getty)


4. Half-Up Double Waterfall Braid: Double rainbows are old news. Double waterfall braids — WHOA. (via Refinery 29)


5. Princess Updo: This updo is appropriate for both princesses and Crawley women. (via EbeautyBlog)


6. Ribbon Braids: This photo shoot was inspired by Frida Kahlo, the all-time master of the braided crown. (via Wedding Chicks)


7. The Elsa: A Mermaid-like flowing braid of twists and wraps, this Frozen-inspired tutorial is still very wearable for a formal event or a plain ol’ Tuesday. (via The City Sage)


8. Long + Lovely: Braids on braids on braids on braids. (via Brit + C0)


9. Rope Braid: We can feel the early onset arthritis setting in already. (Photo via David Buchan/Getty)


10. Mohawk Braid: Fake your way through a mohawk with this hack on French braids. (via Brit + Co)


11. Braided Pony: There are actually three tutorials attached to this blog post, all with equally stunning auburn braid-work. (via Free People)


12. Longer-Than-Long Braid: Who sells those phony hair growth supplements? We need some now. (via Barefoot Blonde)


13. Bow Braid: Wow. Just WOW. (via Cute Girl Hairstyles)


14. Messy Rope Braid: We might not’ve learned how to French braid until adulthood, but we’re sure as heck determined to learn this one before retirement. (Photo via Frazer Harrison/Getty)

Which one are you going to try first? Let us know in the comments.