All you need is 25 minutes! Our upcoming INTRO TO WEAVING class is taught by acclaimed fiber artist Meghan Bogden Shimek, who鈥檚 taught weaving workshops across the US and internationally for three years.

So you鈥檒l be learning from the best of the best. Meghan is an absolute pro, and she鈥檚 collaborated with us to create an online class that will make it SUPER easy for you to FINALLY start your first weaving project. In fact, Meghan says she鈥檚 never had a student leave her class not knowing how to weave.

Not only will Meghan teach you the essentials to get started, but she鈥檒l also walk you through each step to complete a colorful and textured woven wall hanging. Plus, you鈥檒l get more detailed instruction in the class workbook that you can download when the class becomes available in mid-April.


Thinking about enrolling in this class? Great! If you PRE-REGISTER for the class today, we鈥檒l let you know when the class is ready for purchase AND you鈥檒l get the class for 15 percent off (for a limited time!).

HOW DOES IT WORK? Just fill out a QUICK FORM and sit back, relax, and wait for our email announcing that our Intro to Weaving class is live.

By the end of Meghan鈥檚 class, you鈥檒l know how to:

  • Warp your cardboard loom to get your weaving project setup exactly how you want it.
  • Use the basic over-under motion of classic weaving to build out your design.
  • Use fringe and wool roving (the fluffy yarn!) to add in extra textures and colors.
  • Finish your project, take it off the loom, and turn it into a wall hanging.

Awesome, right? Don鈥檛 miss out on this class. PRE-REGISTER for this course today. Need more inspo? Just check out more of Meghan鈥檚 weaving designs below (from her Instagram account!):

馃寛 at @otherwild 馃摳by @theflufgirl 馃寛

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