While updates are always great for fixing bugs and keeping your personal information safe from hackers, there are times when updating your phone — or in this case, your iPad Pro — to the latest software release might not be a good idea. Apple released iOS 9.3.2 for all Apple devices yesterday to relatively little fanfare, and while it seemed little more than a couple of bug fixes, iPad users were faced with an unpleasant surprise.


While the new update certainly has some nice aspects, like the ability to use Night Shift even in Low Power Mode, according to Forbestech writer Gordon Kelly, you might still want to hold off on downloading until the tech co. irons out the wrinkles.

After attempting to upgrade to iOS 9.3.2, several iPad Pro users have been receiving an error code that effectively bricks the iPad (as in makes it about as responsive as a brick, yup). From the looks of it, more 9.7-inch users are being affected by this unforeseen bug than the older 12.9-inch iPad Pro users. So far, iPhone users seem to be in the clear, so at least there’s that.

Users are unhappy to say the least — and Apple Support’s Twitter account, which only launched this past March, certainly seems to have their hands full at the moment.

Hopefully Apple will get this mess figured out ASAP, because how else are we going to play Candy Crush?

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(h/t Forbes, photos via Apple)