If you thought Apple was saving all their big surprises for the impending March Event — where they’ll be revealing all kinds of exciting products, like the iPhone SE and maybe a new iPad — you thought wrong. All too often, we get hit with the rainbow pinwheel of death or — god forbid — shatter the screen on our iPhone. Then, we have to trek out to the nearest Apple store to get one of their Geniuses to take a look at our device. For some things, these trips are painful yet necessary (shattered screen *tear*), but other issues could be resolved with a simple chat. Before now, to reach Apple’s tech support, you had two options: Make a trip, or pick up the phone and call. Not anymore.

Early Thursday morning, Apple launched their official @AppleSupport Twitter account and changed our lives forever. Yep, you can now basically talk to a Genius via Twitter, and it’s kind of amazing. In just one day alone, the account has already tweeted well over 1000 times, so you know there’s a whole team handling the business.


Not only does the account point you in the direction of various “tips and tutorials,” but they can also DM you to help you resolve your Apple product woes. Yep, it’s pretty handy indeed. Basically, now that you can directly tweet at an Apple Store Genius, this changes EVERYTHING.

See ya never, appointments and long lines.

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(Photo via Apple)