Battery life is extremely crucial to a smartphone user’s satisfaction. With the iPhone’s upcoming iOS 9 update, there will be a dedicated battery page that regulates your usage and has a “low battery” mode to help give you an extra hour of power. We’re always on the hunt for solutions to charging our battery in the shortest amount of time (like, in one minute flat). And it’s a sad, sad day for all when your go-to gadget’s battery dies. Like, forever.


But sometimes when your battery dies, it doesn’t mean your phone is totally done-zo. According to Business Insider, a study showed that about 61 percent of iPhone users have no idea that you can actually replace the battery — and yet 56 percent of Americans who consider their smartphone “broken” say that battery life is the issue. Oops, maybe not so much.

Through Apple, an out-of-warranty battery replacement costs $79, and is obviously free of charge if it dies within the warranty year — just fill out a service request and mail in your phone. Not to mention there are countless places you can find through Google that provide the same service (just make sure you do your research beforehand).


The study was run by Battery Plus Bulbs, a battery replacement company, and contained some other — ahem — illuminating insights about American cell phone habits. About 25 percent of participants damaged their phones by throwing them out of frustration (anger management, much?), 24 percent drowned then in the toilet and about 20 percent can’t recall how they damaged their phones because, frankly, they were a little tipsy.

Anyone you know fall into that last category? *Pretend to be busy*

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(h/t Business Insider)