From listening to music to checking up on our wearable’s connected app to thumbing through Instagram, our phones’ batteries are pretty much in the red by the time we hit lunch. Sure, external battery packs are lifesavers, but we always seem to forget to bring it or to recharge it fully the night before. Plus, when you’re on the go, you can’t be bothered to hold your phone and an external battery just to call a friend. Good thing StoreDot is about to go from a great idea we were excited about to a real product that will change up the battery game forever.


StoreDot’s phone batteries can be charged in just a minute…. ONE MINUTE. How did they do it? They used a normal battery, but changed the chemical makeup of it, allowing it to charge at super speed. During its earlier stages, the battery could only hold the charge for about four hours, but they’ve made major improvements, and it can now last you the whole day.


StoreDot isn’t stopping with a minute-charging phone battery. They’re still trying to slim down the bulky charger and even applying their batteries to things other than phones, such as power tools, electronic toys and home appliances. StoreDot is hoping to develop an electric car battery that can fully charge within five minutes. Prius and Tesla lovers, go ahead and rejoice! And because these batteries are made with organic and polymer electrode raw-material compounds, they will likely run on the more affordable side of things. We’re pumped for more StoreDot updates, and we’ll be sure to keep an eye out throughout the year.

How long does it take your phone to charge back up to 100%? Where else can you see StoreDot implementing their batteries?

(Photos via Digital Trends, Smithsonian Mag)