The Internet's all-a-buzz about rumors of a TacoCopter gracing the skies of Silicon Valley and Brit HQ is no exception. It embodies 3 things we (and most people) love: tacos, smartphone apps, and robots!

With the goal of bringing tacos to everyone (err… everyone with a smartphone), TacoCopter is quite possibly the most delicious startup idea we've seen in a while. You simply order tacos on your smartphone, position your GPS where you'd like the tacos to land and, lo and behold, a flying robot will deliver tacos to your location.

Sure, this will spice up your next lunch in the park but we're more excited about the late night possibilities. Who needs a cigarette break when you can step outside and wait for a taco to drop out of the sky?

For now, TacoCopter is in Private Beta in SF only and has run into a hiccup or two with the FAA. And, TacoCopter's East Coast cousin, LobsterCopter, is also on hold. That's right, the government is standing in the way of robot delivery tacos and lobster rolls. But what else could be delivered using quadcopters or drone delivery? Could the future of delivery actually become unmanned and automated? (And, are we the only ones who can't help but think of those magical parachutes in The Hunger Games?)

Do you think TacoCopter is an awesome idea, something you can't live without, or a totally silly pipe dream? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below or holler at us on Twitter.

Update: Sadly, TacoCopter is, in fact, a silly pipe dream. But, fear not. It has only inspired us to build our own DIY drones, as commenter Karl Jacob has suggested below. Stay tuned!