Weddings are pretty awesome already, but with tacos in the picture, they’re even better. Serving the traditional Mexican dish at weddings is a *major* trend right now (according to our friends over at Pinterest), and we couldn’t be happier about it. But there’s more to it than your standard taco bar — you can even consider incorporating the dish into your wedding dessert. Say what?! Yep, read on to discover 10 creative taco-inspired ways to up your wedding food game.

1. Gourmet Fixin’s: When you’re doing something semi-casual like a taco bar at your wedding, you want to keep things elegant. To achieve this effect, spring for gourmet toppings that are a step above pico de gallo and guacamole. Pickled red cabbage, duck confit, and smoked salmon are a few of our favorite ideas. (via Wedding Chicks)

2. Taco Shooters:How cute are these tiny taco shooters? They sit atop a slice of fresh lime, and are accompanied by everyone’s favorite wedding drink: tequila. (via Style Me Pretty)

3. Taco Bar: Of course, it’s definitely a good idea to make as big a spectacle as possible of your food. This full-blown taco bar adds to the decor of your event, while giving your guests the opportunity to pick and choose their toppings for themselves. (via Wedding Forward)

4. Salsa Magic: When you set up your taco bar, give some thought to the salsas you’ll serve. Much like your fixin’s, these should be elegant and gourmet to add an otherwise upscale feel. (via Wedding Forward)

5. Taco Bowls: While you’re at it, place some bowls near the taco bar and let your guests help themselves. This will be ideal for healthy dieters who don’t want a tortilla, and can feature all manner of yummy ingredients, including ground meat, avocado, and seared corn. (via Damn Delicious)

6. Tortilla Chips: Is there an elegant, stylish way to serve tortilla chips? Why yes, yes there it — this cute wooden basket is case in point. (via Style Me Pretty)

7. Cilantro, Lime, and Onion Salsa: While we *totally* love good old-fashioned salsa, we’re also intrigued by the combo of cilantro, lime, and onions. Bonus points for the cute chalkboard sign labels. (via Brides)

8. Putting It All Together: This elegant spread is EXACTLY what you want your taco bar to feature. From rice and beans to fresh lime, lettuce, salsas, and other snacks, there are plenty of options for guests to choose from. (via Wedding Forward)

9. Taco Cake: Of course, there are other ways to include a taco theme in your special day. This cake will be a *total* scene-stealer. (via Studio DIY)

10. Taco Cookies: Not sure you want to commit to a taco wedding cake, but still want some creative themed desserts? These sugar cookies are PERFECT. They’re made with ingredients you can easily pick up at your local grocery store, including brownie bites, red M&Ms, sugar cookie dough, food coloring, and shredded coconut. (via DIY Weddings Mag)

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