It’s no secret that we love our phones. We decorate them, make them more techy and we even try to control power tools with them. But they aren’t without their pitfalls. The biggest problem most of us face? Free space. Sure, you can store your files in a cloud but c’mon. Clouds can disappear or get hacked. Can we really trust them with our 200 photos of Fido and travel snaps? Here’s where the iStick comes in. The iStick is the first ever USB flash drive with an integrated Apple connector that works with both your iPhone and your computer.

We’re pretty psyched about the idea of a simple storage solution that is actually tangible. Although, this isn’t the first gadget with that feature. Remember the Mophi iPhone case that doubled up as a storage device and an extra battery? But what we’re pretty pumped about with the iStick is that you can add files to one device and seamlessly copy it onto another device. No longer do we have to waste a half an hour on the iTunes synchronization process just to add a couple of songs to our computer or phone.

All you have to do is attach the gadget to your phone, open the accompanying app and you’re ready to view photos, playback movies, stream music or open documents without downloading anything (unless you want to). You can also program it to backup contacts, pictures and video when connected.

Everything is available offline, which is great for plane rides or underground subway commutes. Pack that baby full of Ryan Gosling flicks and drool your journey away. As an added bonus, the app features a video decoder that supports a wide variety of non-iOS native video formats. So if you want to play a video file you got somewhere other than iTunes, chances are it will still work.

Let’s talk about our options. The iStick comes in 8, 16, 32, 64 or 128 gigs. They range in price from $129 for the 8GB to $399 for the 128GB. These little guys aren’t particularly cheap. So if you’re really into the idea but your bank account isn’t so sure, we suggest supporting their Kickstarter campaign, where you can get the goods for a pledge of half the retail price.

Considering they have already received over 600% of their funding goal, we’re guessing you’ll be seeing a lot more of this gadget in days to come. Initial shipments should be sent out in early August, which means those summer jams are going to have to be downloaded the good old fashion way for now.

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