It’s always uncomfortable and even slightly painful to get mammograms. So we end up only getting one whenever our doctors strongly recommend it — even though we should be going in for regular scans. And we all know about First Warning Systems’ revolutionary bra prototype. You know, the bra that scans every so often to check for any possible tumors? Over the past couple years, First Warning Systems has grown their prototype into a practical bra insert called the iTBra and they have even renamed themselves Cyrcadia Health.


Cyrcadia Health ditched the confines of a bra and turned their sports bra-like prototype into an insert that can be worn with any bra. The insert has five arms equipped with multiple sensors used to track the heat changes within your breasts’ circadian patterns. Because it tracks heat fluctuations, this method works on denser breast tissues more effectively than traditional mammography does. Yes, finally, no more breast-crushing pain. And like all wearables, the iTBra also pairs with your smart device via Bluetooth, and any signs of early detection are immediately sent to your physician.


Currently, Cyrcadia Health is testing out their “smartbra” through clinical trials at El Camino Hospital. If all goes well, the iTBra will be available to purchase later this year. Hopefully just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness month :)

What are your thoughts on the iTBra? Would you still prefer to get a mammogram? Let us know in the comments below!

(h/t ABC 7 News, photos via Cyrcadia Health)