It’s October, which, in addition to being full of pumpkin-y goodness and Halloween excitement, is also National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. While we tend to be light-hearted, we’re serious about finding a cure for this disease. We were incredibly excited to learn about a new technology that may make early detection as easy and intuitive as getting dressed in the morning… because that’s exactly what you have to do! That’s right, finally we have found a bra more awesome than the Joey Bra… a breast cancer detection bra!

Mammograms, which are currently one of the only methods to detect breast cancer, are costly and uncomfortable, not to mention prone to false positives which can lead to unnecessary treatment. First Warning Systems has developed revolutionary technology that could change how doctors diagnose breast cancer and all the patient has to do is wear a bra. This bra provides a continuous screening of breast tissue under a women’s clothing and this data is sent digitally to a doctor, who can assess it to potentially detect the early stages of a tumor.

In clinical trials, this bra has seen 92.1 percent accuracy… compared to the 70 percent accuracy seen in routine mammograms, this represents a vast improvement from current technology. Not only that, but researchers say this could detect tumors up to 6 years earlier than can be done right now, which means that more women could get the treatment they need before it’s too late.

Pending FDA approval, the company is planning to release this bra commercially in the US in 2014. What are your thoughts about this new technology? Talk to us in the comments below.