If the first step to fall is a visit to the pumpkin patch, then the second is carving something spooky in the pumpkin. While some stick to the classic jagged toothed smile or witch on a broom, James Hall, expert pumpkin carver and season six winner of Food Network’s Halloween Wars, took it a step further with these decked-out versions of everyone’s favorite Halloween porch accessory. Watch him transform these gourds into our favorite characters from The Addams Family, The Shining, and Hocus Pocus.


Wednesday Addams Pumpkin Carving

Hands down the moodiest television teen we’ve yet to encounter, Wednesday embodies all things Halloween year-round with her iconic black dress and perfectly pressed collared shirt. The seemingly emotionless expression on her face lets you know she’s not here for fun and games… at least not the kind we’re used to.

THE GRADY TWINS Pumpkin Carving

The Grady Twins Pumpkin Carving

From the cult classic The Shining, these girls started the trend of creepy twins. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t watch the scene through our fingers as they said their signature line “Come play with us.” The pumpkin version of this scene is no less frightful with its ghoulish glow.


The Sanderson Sisters Pumpkin Carving

Say hello to the witchiest of the witches! These sisters will curse you if you look at them the wrong way, so don’t stare too hard. From the skulls lingering in the background to the brooms supporting their floating heads, this lantern looks like it came right out of the witches’ cauldron.

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Photos via Brittany Griffin / Brit + Co

Styling by Alonna Morrison