Well, in the words of the immortal Freddie Mercury: Another one bites the dust. Bennifer II, AKA Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, are divorcing after ten years of marriage. We were all a huge fan of this celebrity couple (who DOESN’T swoon remembering that time he ended his acceptance speech saying he needed to “go home and make love to the babysitter?!”) and their breakup has shaken us up. What is love? Baby don’t hurt me with another celebrity breakup (STAY STRONG BEY AND JAY, STAY STRONG FOR USSS!!!!!).

Thankfully the world of celebrities hasn’t totally forsaken us. Here are 10 couples to reaffirm your belief in love.

1. Anna Farris and Chris Pratt: Their Instagram feeds are basically “IN CASE OF LOSS OF FAITH IN LOVE EMERGENCY” treasure troves. From cute outings with their son to kissy pics to that time HE BRAIDED HER FREAKING HAIR, these guys are cute and seem to have a happy future ahead of them. (Image via Kevin Winter/Getty)

2. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend: These guys have been personifying relationship goals ever since she tweeted about their lazy, naked bed day that culminated with his and hers personal pizzas. They’re supportive of each other and not shy about PDA and we love it. Also, we’re not sure how they feel about having kids, but personally we think they’re so attractive it would be genetically irresponsible if they didn’t reproduce. (Image via Christopher Polli/Getty)

3. Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli: When these two started dating, it was basically the squeee heard around the world. They’re beautiful, and though they’re generally not overzealous with flaunting their relationship on social media, the few times they do are adorable. (Image via Angela Weiss/Getty)

4. Dolly Parton and Carl Thomas Dean: GOALS GOALS GOALS! These guys have been married since 1966 and are still going strong. Dolly has always been a hot commodity, so she’s fielded more than a few divorce rumors, but through it she’s stayed a one-man kind of woman. She even admits to getting a few racy tattoos in his honor. She says the secret to their happiness is recognizing that they’re opposites and working around that. Here’s hoping sheeeeeEeeee will always love hiiiiiIIIIIMMMMM (if you didn’t sing that in your head I don’t know what’s wrong with you). (Image via Oprah.com)

5. Barack and Michelle Obama: Our country’s ultimate it couple is seriously so cute. They support each other constantly and aren’t afraid to be playful (we still laugh thinking about Barack outing Michelle about her enchiladas obsession). In his recent stint on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, Barack says that, besides her being “extremely beautiful and funny and intelligent,” he loves that Michelle came from such a different family background than he did because it helps keep him grounded. (Image via Winn McNamee/Getty)

6. Lily Allen and Sam Cooper: Anyone who has listened to Lily Allen’s lovey dovey new album knows that she’s obsessed with her husband and her family. She writes songs about having sex post baby, about the joys of sitting on the couch, and about how she’d beat anyone up who tried to take him away from her. They’ve gone through hard times but come out on top with two super cute little girls and family outings (check out their Glastonbury festival Instagrams) that will give you major FOMO. (Image via Tom Shaw/Getty)

7. John Mulaney and Annamarie Tendler: This couple has been teaching us all kinds of love lessons lately. John can’t go more than a day or so on Instagram without seriously complimenting his wife, and everything he says about her in his standup set is positive. Their life is seriously so cute (they have an Instagram for their freaking dog and we love it) and it’s clear they support the heck out of one another. (Image via @johnmulaney)

8. David Bowie and Iman: Even after 20+ years of marriage, this couple is ridiculously sexy. He gushes about her (he has famously admitted to naming their children on the fist date) and she loves him for who he is outside of his rock star persona. They’re also total homebodies these days (as parodied in this gorgeous Onion article), which delights us to no end. (Image via Evan Agostini/Getty)

9. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski: Emily Blunt is so cute with her husband John Krasinski that I don’t even mind that she married my TV boyfriend (JIM HALPERT FOREVER). Between their cute baby, their fun vacations and their neverending prank war with their neighbor Jimmy Kimmel, their life seems amazing and we should all be jealous. (Image via Rob Kim/Getty)

10. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell: If you write a “Couples Who Are Examples of Everlasting Love” list without mentioning this pair, I think someone revokes your journalism degree. Though they’ve never married, they’ve been happily living in sin for over three decades. THREE DECADES, people! Have you even been alive for three decades? Their love will outlive us all, and I’m okay with that. (Image via Michael Buckner/Getty)

Which celebrity couple do you hope goes the distance? Tell us in the comments!