What’s even better than winning an Emmy? Returning to your hotel to find an awesome surprise from your pal Jennifer Lawrence. On Monday, Amy Schumer posted a photo on Instagram, which shows her standing amid a balloon explosion while holding her Emmy. The caption reads, “Never tell Jennifer L your room number.” Looks like Jennifer is not only a supportive friend, but also a great gift giver. We know what we’re doing for our BFF’s next surprise party — balloon bombing them (psst, we also know where to get the best balloons for this).

The touching gift is just the latest in a blooming friendship. Let’s not forget the congratulatory text message from JLaw after Amy’s Emmy win, their cute vacation photos and the screenplay they’re co-writing.

But despite all this, Amy says the media has blown their relationship a bit out of proportion. She told E! News that they “really like each other,” but they’re not BFFs — just really good Fs. “I have BFFs since I was 8 years old, so it’ll be tough to uproot them,” she told E! Even so, we can’t wait to see what these two are up to next.

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(Photos via @amyschumer + Mark Davis Staff/Getty)