Whether you’re sporting second-day strands or squeaky-clean tresses, braids are great for any and all hair types. While these pretty plaits are easy go-tos for most occasions, sometimes an upgrade is in order. The latest hair trend to appear all over our feeds is the perfect match for your everyday braids, and is actually just a grown-up version of the mini plastic butterfly clips you rocked in the ’90s. From classic french braids to show-stopping boxer braids, Instababes are adding jewelry to take their style game to a whole new level. Here are nine ways to wear this new trend.

1. Braided Top Knot: Add boho pizzazz to your top knot by clipping in a nature-inspired clip. This style will look great with a flowy dress and a few flash tattoos.

2. Half-Up: Transform your typical half-up hairstyle by adding in a chic hairpin. Curl the ends of your strands for tousled waves that give romantic vibes all day long.

3. Ponytail Pins: Short-haired babes, this look is perfect for you! French braid your bangs into a cute pony and add a few pins for a sophisticated daytime look that’s a must for summer.

4. Cornrow Rings: Who needs bangs when you can style your strands like this babe? Amp up your cornrows by adding a few rings into the mix. Finish the look with a chic bun and you’re good to go.

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5. Leaf Pins: Take your date-night ensemble to new heights with these stylish little numbers. Pair with a floral maxi dress for a Coachella-inspired look you can wear all summer.

6. Triple Braid Jewels: This style is great for ladies rockin’ next-day hair. Add some faux colored strands to complement your jewels for an artsy alternative to your typical half-up ‘do.

7. Rose Gold: Add a rose gold pin to make your braided updo fancy AF. Use dry shampoo beforehand to texturize your strands for some much-needed volume.

8. Gold and Silver: Enhance your side French braid with mini hair clips. Alternate the colors to add intrigue to a fuss-free plait.

9. Silver Hoops: Bring out your inner rocker chic by weaving silver rings throughout your messy braids. Bonus points for committing to a badass ombre hue.

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