Though these badass braids have been around for eons (best known for their functionality, not to mention style, when it comes to maintaining healthy textured hair), there’s no denying that in 2016 these boxer braids are definitely having their moment — and its got nothin’ to do with boxing. Let’s just say they’ve not so subtly been piquing our interest as images of the tightly braided ‘do have been flooding Instagram (thanks in part to the always on-trend Kardashian/Jenner clan). While the idea of sporting braided pigtails can seem a bit juvenile, when they’re mixed with more modern braiding techniques, it’s pretty clear that these aren’t your mom’s old pigtails. Whether you’re looking to style natural curls or to polish that second (or third) day hair, boxer braids are a must for almost any occasion.

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1. Unicorn Dreams: We love fun colored hair, but it looks even more enchanting when it’s intertwined in braids. You’ll be able to show off your fashion tones in a super creative way all while keeping your hair controlled. Hello, festival season!

2. Add In Florals: For a more romantic and bohemian vibe, adding in some beautiful flowers to your boxer braids will do the trick. Smaller blooms like baby’s breath work best to keep this look simple and charming instead of over the top.

3. Metallic Accents: Make simple boxer braids more exciting and unique by incorporating gold or silver accents into your strands. To DIY this look on a budget, head to your local jewelry store and grab trendy ear cuffs. They’ll fit perfectly secure on your locks and instantly upgrade your look.

4. Funky Boxer Buns: We adore a gal who isn’t afraid to rock a unique look, and this twisted, braided bun ‘do surely will make your hair a topic of conversation. By knotting up your locks, boxer-braiding the sides, and adding traditional braids in randomly, you’ll create a hairstyle that’s basically a work of art.

5. Glitter Roots: Whether you’re heading to a music festival or a fun summer barbecue, adding some glitter onto your roots will totally make a statement. Just know that this look will obviously take much more effort to wash out at the end of the day (ahem, glitter).


6. The Classic Boxer Braid: Before embarking on the more experimental variations of the boxer braid, let’s start off with the classic. Create this look by making two tight French braids (beginning near the hairline) for that clean, structured look. (via @thisisayden)


7. Half Done Double Dutch: If you’re looking for a more free-flowing version of the boxer braid, try out this half-done Dutch braid — and make it a double, of course. Keeping things cool and sleek at the top yet playful at the bottom basically makes this the mullet of braids (and we’re totally okay with that!). (via The Coveteur)


8. Middle Boxer: If you’re ready to work those braids at the gym (forreal!), try bringing your twin braids closer towards the middle of your head. This will keep those long tails from whipping around while you hit the treadmill. (via @marieplessard)


9. Loose French: Bring it back to those schoolyard days. Braid your French tails loosely to give your ‘do a touch of sweetness. Just keep an eye out for boys looking to pull your hair. (via @vogueandmode)


10. Messy Boxer: For a more relaxed ‘do, loosen up those dutch braids and show your soft side, bringing that lazy girl style to a typically fierce look. (via @__tasha_marie__)


11. Double Dutch: Make a statement with these chunky Dutch braids. This style is perfect not only for keeping your hair nice and tidy, but also for adding a dramatic effect to the look. (via @fannylyckman)

dutch rows

12. Dutchrows: Looking to bring a bit more texture to those cornrows? Next time braid your hair with tiny Dutch braids, adding a pop to the classic ‘do — bonus points for starting the your braids on a side part! (via @fisayolonge)


13. Fairytale Boxer: Whoever said pigtails weren’t fancy has just been proven wrong. Pair these thick romantic braids with your favorite dress and you’re ready for next big date. Rapunzel’s got nothin’ on you! (via @wieboooo)


14. Siderows: Rock those Dutchrows a bit more subtly by placing tiny, less pronounced Dutch braids to the sides of your hair, giving you a cleaner, more intricate look. (via @caity_says)


15. The Skinny: Embrace those sporty vibes with these two skinny Dutch braids. They’ll have you looking fierce enough to knock somebody out! (via @shaninamshak)

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