We love our besties. And I’m not talking about a mild love — I’m talking about a borderline obsession (wait, is this just me?). So naturally, while dreaming up gifts to craft this holiday season, I was determined to craft a project that celebrates friendship. These cute jingle bell door hangings are a new twist on the traditional friendship bracelet. Hang these on your door knobs and remind each other of your awesome bond every time you open and close the door.


Don’t let anyone tell you you’re too old for friendship bracelets. These are perfect for an afternoon of holiday crafting with your bestie.


In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make this unique gift for your BFFL. If you’re familiar with our Wrapped Necklace Kit, then you’re no stranger to the wrapping technique that we’ll use to make these fun friendship jingle bell door hangings!



– embroidery floss (four warm colors, four cool colors)

– macrame cord

– 16 jingle bells


– ruler

– scissors

– washi tape

Grab your materials and tools and let’s start crafting!


Cut two pieces of macrame cord 18 inches long.


First, we’ll wrap the center loop. Begin wrapping six inches from one end of the macrame cords. Once you’ve wrapped about four inches of cord with embroidery floss, tie off and trim the remaining floss.


Fold your newly wrapped cord in half, and wrap both cords together with embroidery floss to create a closed loop.


Now comes the fun part — weaving! Tape your cord down with washi tape. You should have a total of four cords that will serve as the weft. Cut a piece of embroidery floss to 27 inches and tie it around the cord furthest to the left. Begin weaving in an over/under pattern through the cords with your embroidery floss. Once you reach the furthest cord on the right, wrap the floss over the cord and continue weaving in an over/under pattern toward the left. Continue weaving until you’re left with about two inches of floss. Tie the new color of floss (also cut down to 27 inches) onto the last bit of the previous color. We won’t add a bell to this first block of color.


When you’ve woven three rows with your second color of floss, string a jingle bell onto your floss and continue weaving.


Repeat these steps until you’ve used eight jingle bells and have nine color blocks. Your piece should look like the example in the photo above.


Next comes the tassel. Using your fingers, wind two colors of embroidery floss into a loop about two inches long. Cut both ends of the loop to create the fringe needed for your tassel.


Wrap your fringe to the end of the macrame cord and tie your floss off to secure it all together.


You’re all finished! We attached a piece of embroidery floss for easy hanging.


What else are you making for your bestie this Christmas? Tell us in the comments below.

DIY Production and Styling: Marianne Koo

Photography: Brittany Griffin