It’s no secret that Jimmy Fallon is rocking the world of late night as the totally natural host of the Tonight Show. But, it’s his comedic franchises that kill us on the daily. From lip sync battles (Emma Stone what what!) to genius impersonations of old school crooners, he’s got some form of musical comedy for everybody. And last night’s edition of Tight Pants featuring Jennifer Lopez is no exception.

It starts out slow, with Jimmy telling you about how everybody’s talking about his tight pants, and how he has his tight pants on. Then at 00:45 Jenny from the block seriously shows up. And you know that lady can seriously rock a pair of tight pants, especially with a cropped turtleneck sweater and hoops. If you don’t have three minutes to spare for this video, please fast forward to 01:50 to see JLo seriously lay the smack down. Don’t make her take off her heels! ;)

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