If you grew up swooning over ’90s heartthrobs, there’s a very good chance that you had a crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas. But would you have liked him more or less if he had starred in American Pie? Because that’s something that apparently almost happened, according to Jason Biggs, who just revealed that JTT could’ve had his raunchy role in the beloved (yet epically cringe-worthy) teen flick.

“I think [Thomas] actually had the offer, if I’m correct,” Biggs told Us Weekly when he sat down for a new interview and explained the series of events that led to his breakthrough role.

The now-39-year-old actor said that after auditioning for the part of Jim Levenstein, he “didn’t hear for a long [time]” afterward. “It was excruciating. I wanted it so badly! I knew I did well. I heard from the directors that I was their top choice but the studio kind of had someone else in mind,” he told Us Weekly. “Jonathan Taylor Thomas actually, from Home Improvement. And they wanted to see that through because he was a name.”

At the time, Thomas was starring as Randy Taylor on ABC’s hit family sitcom, even taking home the Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite TV Actor the very same year that American Pie hit theaters.

“Theoretically, he could have done it,” Biggs said, “but at the time, I think it didn’t fit with his… more family-oriented brand.” Very true. Especially with *that* pie scene from the film.

Biggs told Us Weekly that he “never talked to JTT before or after,” but that he’s “incredibly grateful,” because as far as he knows, Thomas was offered the job and passed, leaving it open for Biggs’ big breakthrough.

It will always be one of the former Orange Is the New Black actor’s most memorable gigs, but now we can’t stop thinking about the possibility of JTT in the role. An American Pie + Home Improvement re-watch may be in order.

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