It would be an understatement to say Jonathan Van Ness has had a busy year. The Queer Eye star not only works on a wildly successful Netflix show, but he’s also a celebrity hairstylist, host of the Getting Curious podcast, and very committed to trolling his Queer Eye costars on Instagram. So how does he balance it all? We sat down with him as he hosted the Lipton Stress Less Monday event in New York City for Lipton Tea‘s new line of Wellness Teas. Below, find out how he maintains a healthy diet, what he replaced his coffee with, and whether fellow Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski cooks for him on the reg.

Van Ness thinks the key to wellness is limiting his amount of caffeine, so he can sleep better at night. “[Before] I got introduced to Lipton’s wellness range, I was drinking like 17 thousand coffees a day, because I was just really pushing and so busy,” he says. Switching to Lipton’s Stress Less tea meant he wasn’t awake until midnight. According to Van Ness, the blend of chamomile, cinnamon, and lavender will “open you up” without making you feel wired.

Another important aspect of his routine is keeping a healthy diet with a ton of vegetarian meals with a little meat. When he has time to meal prep, he’ll make a vat of grilled chicken, rice, and beans that he can eat throughout the week. Since he’s not perfect when it comes to his diet, he swears by meal delivery services. “I always do different meal prep services, because I can’t be responsible. I’ve had to Queer Eye my relationship with food. I am big on playing to your strengths, and my strength is not cooking for myself. I would be Postmates-ing Taco Bell 24-seven,” reveals Van Ness.

Of course, we had to know if Antoni Porowski helps him out in the cooking department. Van Ness says, He [Porowski] feeds me every Wednesday night. He’s a personal chef, so I’m always like ‘Girl, I’m hungry! I ate all my meal prep food… Feed me, please!’” Speaking of Porowski, Van Ness has gotten a taste of his upcoming cookbook. He couldn’t tell us too much but did hint at an addicting dessert.He [Porowski] has a gorgeous cookbook coming out,” he teases. “There is one dessert in there [that] I would eat platefuls of.” We can hardly wait to figure out which one he’s referring to.

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(Photo via Lipton)