Who gave them permission? One day after Queer Eye was nominated for four Emmy Awards, Netflix announced that it鈥檚 renewing the show for a third season.

The news came via Queer Eye鈥榮 Instagram account, which posted an animated teaser video to celebrate the news. 鈥淕et in, henny! We鈥檙e taking a road trip. Are you ready for Season 3?鈥 the caption read. 鈥淜ansas City, Missouri HERE. WE. COME.鈥

It looks like the Fab Five 鈥 interior designer Bobby Berk, culture connoisseur Karamo Brown, fashion expert Tan France, foodie Antoni Porowski, and grooming guru Jonathan Van Ness 鈥 are leaving behind their Atlanta loft to take their life-transforming skills to Kansas City.

The video doesn鈥檛 feature any new footage of the group, but the group dynamic is alive and well in the audio. 鈥淛esus take the wheel,鈥 Brown jokes, to which long-haired Van Ness responds, 鈥淕ot it!鈥 Porowski seems a little unsure of his pal鈥檚 driving skills, though, shouting, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e not in a lane! You鈥檙e not in a lane!鈥 And from the sounds of it, they go over a curb before someone declares, 鈥淲e鈥檙e alive. We鈥檙e alive.鈥

Production is set to start on July 16, but season 3 won鈥檛 premiere until 2019, which gives you plenty of time to rewatch the first two seasons and relive Tom Jackson and Abby Parr鈥榮 romantic reunion and AJ Brown鈥檚 emotional coming out. You can also watch William Mahnken propose to his girlfriend (now wife!) Shannan Eller.

The guys also popped up on a crossover episode of Netflix鈥檚 baking competition series Nailed It!, which saw host Nicole Byer challenge the men to make fondant replica cupcakes of themselves. Their culinary skills are questionable, but their love for each other (and our love for them) is not.

The first two seasons of Queer Eye are streaming on Netflix now.

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(photos via Austin Hargrave/Netflix + Gavin Bond/Netflix)