The contestants got their cartoon on for last night’s Dancing With the Stars Disney Week (Simone Biles, for instance, dressed up as Moana, while Nick Viall gave us his best “real boy” as Pinocchio). And judge Julianne Hough decided to go full Tinkerbell, complete with a killer updo. And we know how you can get the same look!

Donning a white floral print, sequined Dennis Basso frock with flutter sleeves, the actress/singer/bride-to-be complemented her fairy-esque fashion with an updo by celeb hairstylist Jill Buck.

Buck walked InStyle through the process, which included a faux bang. “Julianne is always excited to try new looks, so when I brought up the idea of bangs, she was all about it,” she said. The key to the creation was the amount of hair pulled for her falsies and the positioning of them. “With a small ponytail pulled back tight and holding just the crown section of her hair and not the sides, I secured it tight and used this as the ‘bangs’ for added thickness,” she said. “For people with thin hair, this is where a clip-in helps to make the pony thicker.”

From there, Buck flat-ironed Hough’s pony with a T3 Singlepass Compact Iron ($79) and spritzed a bit of Unite’s Gloss Spray ($19), a step she says is important as this piece of hair will actually wind up face up. “I then manipulated the hair to have some sections shorter and the sides longer to create a full fringe,” she said. “The remaining hair I pulled into a really high ponytail and secured with my original ponytail.” And as for that gorgeous top knot? Buck divided the locks into three parts, then “swooped and looped” it.

At the end of the day, however, she says it’s all about the faux bangs. The key to this look is to work with the bangs until they look real. Oh, and hairspray — lots of it. Buck favors R&Co.’s Vicious Strong Hold Spray ($29).

If you’ll excuse us, we’ll just be over here practicing our swoop and loop…

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(Photo via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty)