Love foosball? So much that you’d be happy to even play in non-climate-controlled storage closet? Then you have something in common with the engineers here at Brit + Co ;)

Well, the Kartoni might be your new best friend! This modern-looking foosball table is as portable as it is stylish. It’s a full-size table made entirely of cardboard, making it extremely easy and light to carry, and can be built in a matter of minutes anytime you want to get your game on.

Aside from being portable, this table is also pretty darn clever. There’s a slot for your phone that acts as an amplifier. There are built-in cup holders. And the whole thing is made of renewable materials making it just a little bit green as well!

The balls and rods are made from beech wood and the players, like the table itself, are made from cardboard. We think DIY foosball players would be an absolute must if you owned this awesome game table!

See the Kartoni in action right here:

We love the idea of painting this, using it as a guestbook at a party of wedding and a million other ways to personalize this fun table. Oh, and if you’re bored of it you can just… recycle it! For real. Love that. Snag your own right here for $144.

Are you a foosball fiend? Think your office needs a table like this? Talk to us in the comments below.

(h/t to Swiss Miss for this fun find!)