Whether it’s the way you shop, the way you get inspiration, or some pretty rad wearable tech, it’s a given that technology and fashion will or do intersect in your everyday life. While we’ve been digging the techy purses and bags we’ve started to see pop up over the last couple years, the recently announced coming together of Kate Spade and Everpurse (kinda the Berkin of handbags that charge your devices) for a line of Kate bags that will keep your phone fully juiced is the best news our wardrobe has heard in a long time.


Never worry about running out of battery power again — you can just charge your bag before heading out on a sleek countertop charger. From there, your bag holds the charge — and your poor dying phone will get some respite when you plug it into the internal port within the bag. The Everpurse x Kate Spade New York collection, which will range from clutches and totes to backpacks, will be coming to a purse rack near you this fall.


The tech-sessories (or at least the sneak peek they revealed so far) give off the same grown-up preppy-chic vibe we’re used to from Kate Spade, which will hopefully be a nudge to the rest of the purse purveyors out there that a collab might be the answer to dominating the future of fashion.

What brands would you love to see collaborate on more efficient accessories like this? Let us know in the comments!