Here at B+C, we鈥檙e all about DIY hacks. From tech secrets to handmade jewelry, we鈥檝e got you covered. The only thing better than a DIY hack is one that only requires two steps. Yup, you read that right. We recently figured out how to DIY this charming $40 Kate Spade jewelry dish and can鈥檛 get over how easy it is. All of the materials will cost you just $15, leaving a good chunk of change for 鈥 you guessed it 鈥 more odds and ends.


鈥 square porcelain dish

鈥 black and gold porcelain paint pens


1. Using the black porcelain paint pen, write 鈥渙dds and ends鈥 in the center of the dish.

2. Line the edge with gold porcelain paint pen.

鈥nd that鈥檚 it. Make sure to shake each pen before using. It also doesn鈥檛 hurt to test the pen on a scrap piece of paper; this will get the paint flowing before you do the real thing.

Your best bet is to wait until the paint is 100% dry before adding your baubles. Both of the pens used in this project required 72 hours of drying time. This may vary from brand to brand, so don鈥檛 forget to read the instructions on each of your paint pens.

Thanks to the scribbly nature of our inspiration piece, don鈥檛 worry if your handwriting isn鈥檛 perfect. Just grab a pen and have fun with it!

Readers, would you use different paint colors for this project? Let us know in the comments below.