Summer is here, and like most people, we found ourselves searching for the perfect beach-to-street tote. We checked out one of our favorite stores, Anthropologie, and came across a cute tassel tote that was exactly what we wanted! In true Brit+Co fashion, we thought, “If you can’t buy it, make it!” And that is exactly what we did! So bust out your old friendship bracelet materials (embroidery floss), grab your favorite woven tote and get ready to make this $148 bag for under $30!



— Embroidery Floss

Woven Tote
— Silver Thread

— Gold Thread


— Scissors

— Sewing Needle



1. Start your project with a new bunch of embroidery floss. Cut cut two 3-inch pieces.

2. Take the entire bunch of embroidery floss and cut it in half.

3. Tie one of your 3-inch strings around the center of one of the halves from the bunch you just cut. Folded in half, you can see the beginning of a tassel!

4. Cut about 10-12 inches of gold or silver string and thread it onto a needle. Then wrap it around the top part of the tassel (where the bunch is folded over).

5. After you’ve wrapped it, take the needle and sew it through the wrapped portion about three times, knot the end of the string and cut off the excess.

6. Trim the end of your tassel to your desired length.

7. Grab the string at the top of your tassel, loop it through the weaving of your purse, tie it a couple of times and cut the excess string.

8. Continue until you have all your tassels on your tote.


Start your project with a new bunch of embroidery floss. This is so much easier than dealing with any knots! Cut a piece that is about six inches, then cut this piece in half. Take the embroidery floss bundle and fold it and cut the bunch in half. Do this to all of the embroidery floss you plan to use. After you have cut all your halves, tie the string around the center of the bundle to create the first part of your tassel!


Thread your gold or silver string through a sewing needle and weave it through the top portion of your tied tassel. At this point you have the option of alternating the gold and silver string on each tassel.


Wrap the string around the thread until you get the look you want. Take your sewing needle and thread the string through the middle of your looped string. Repeat this a couple of times until your string feels snug.


After you have threaded your string through the looped string, double knot the end of the string to make sure it isn’t going anywhere! Trim the excess and then trim off the end of your tassel to make sure it’s even. How much you trim depends on how long you want your tassels. We cut off about an inch so we could add a bunch of tassels to our bag.


Tada! You’ve made a tassel! The best part about this is that you can use this DIY to make your own earrings, decorations or whatever your heart desires.


Look at this pretty little tassel family!


Thread the string at the top of your tassel through the weave of your purse.


Tie it and cut off the excess string.


Marvel at your first tied tassel, because it looks great.


Continue to tie and trim the rest of the tassels until you have your perfect tassel tote.


So cute, right? We are taking this everywhere.


It’s the perfect beach-to-street tote, and it will go with any outfit!


What’s your favorite summertime tote? Let us know in the comments below.