Bravo’s wildly popular Real Housewives spinoff TV show, Vanderpump Rules, is filled with all the personal drama you’ve come to know from the channel. But one of our favorites on the show is one of the main gals at Vanderpump’s restaurant, SUR: Miss Katie Maloney. Katie also has a #sidehustle that’s pretty cool in the form of her beauty website, Pucker & Pout.


“Pucker & Pout is my baby,” Katie tells us. “It’s been so much fun creating content and sharing it with everyone.” She manages the site with friend Jennifer Biswas, and they really try to craft as organic of an editorial as possible, with things Katie actually loves and puts her full force behind. “We have fun with the DIY posts, because who doesn’t love making your own products with everyday resources?” she asks. (Um, TOTALLY agree!)

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As for how their professional partnership works without interfering with their personal relationship, Katie’s quick to point out that they’re able to separate their business from their friendship. “We have fun along the way,” she says, “but when we hit a rough patch we talk it out. We have excellent communication skills and are very considerate of one another,” Katie continues. “We both understand that it is not always going to be rainbows and roses, but that doesn’t have to ruin it for us.”

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When it comes to tips on how to balance it all — the show, her business, and her upcoming nuptials to castmate Tom — Katie’s honest. “Focusing on the big picture helps me keep perspective…. and when the stress piles up, I go to the gym. It’s important to clear your head and sweat it out.” She also recommends being a good communicator with yourself: “Listen to what your subconscious is trying to tell you. If you do, then you’ll always feel at peace with your words and actions.”

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It was hard not to ask the Park City, Utah native for some winter beauty tips to combat all the craziness the weather is causing right now. She says that “hydration and moisturizing will be your saving grace — invest in a great day and night moisturizer.” She also saves her hair by “braiding it and using hairspray so it stays intact under a hat, and bringing a travel dry shampoo with you so you can spray your roots after you remove the hat.” A hat trick, indeed, for this #girlboss!

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(Images via @pucker_and_pout and Katie Maloney)